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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

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Tax Online Here >>>

Tax your vehicle online or by phone

You can tax your vehicle online or by phone if you:

• are the registered keeper of the vehicle and your name, address and any vehicle changes are updated at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
• have a ‘Vehicle Licence Application/Statutory Off Road Notification’ (V11 reminder) or Registration Certificate (V5C)
• have valid insurance covering the use of the vehicle on the day the tax disc comes into force
• have a valid MOT, Goods Vehicle or Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) test (if needed) which is valid when the tax disc comes into force
• have a debit or credit card - a £2.50 service charge applies when using a credit card, there’s no charge for using a debit card
• have a valid exemption certificate You can renew your tax any day from the fifth day of the month.

Apply By Phone

Apply by phone on 0300 123 4321. Text phone/minicom 0300 790 6201.

Step By Step Guide for Taxing Online

What you need to know to use the online service

Insurance, MOT and entitlement to disability exemption are checked electronically during the application. You should receive the new tax disc in the post within five working days.

You will need to have valid insurance on the date you want the tax disc to come into force (or the date you apply, if this is later). This is checked on the Motor Insurance Database (MID). If your vehicle tax and insurance are due at the same time or if you’ve recently changed your insurance company, there may be problems checking insurance while waiting for the MID to update.

Before you tax, you can make an online check to see if the MID has updated. The result will apply only to the day you make your check.

What you'll need when you apply for your tax disc

Be sure to have the following:

• the 16 digit reference number printed in the green box on the front of your V11 reminder or
• the 11 digit reference number shown on the front of your registration certificate and your vehicle registration number
• your Certificate of Entitlement to DLA, annual Certificate of Entitlement, DLA404 Certificate, MHS330 Certificate or WPA0442 Certificate if you claim disability exemption
• your debit or credit card (a £2.50 service charge applies when using a credit card)

Tax Online Here

Step 1

Using the link above, the first page you will arrive on is the 'welcome' page. Here there are several items that you can click.

Click the 'Apply for a TAX Disc'

Step 2

This next step is where the DVLA checks the records that you are currently legal, these are checked electronicly and are the same as taking your forms to the post office.

There are 5 Yes/No questions to answer. They include:

• V5C Current address
• Current MOT Certificate & Insurance (Checked online)

Please be aware the Disc could take 5 days to arrive

Step 3

This is the start of the vehicle details section. You will need to have to hand the V11 Reminder Reference Number. This is on the top of the renewal form sent to you by the DVLA.

If you do not have a V11

You will need to supply the following indormation
• Vehicle Registration Mark
• V5C Document Reference Number

Step 4

This step includes payment options for the Online Tax

You will need to select one of the following options

• 6 Months
• 12 Months

Prices are dependant on engine size and co2 emmisions

Step 5

Once the payment has been accepted you arrive at the confirmation screen. Here you can print a reciept of the transaction.

Please allow 5 working days for postage of the TAX disc

Tax Online Here >>>

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