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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

Road Signs


Speed limit signs

Remember that in areas of street lighting (other than on motorways) a 30 mph limit applies unless another limit is specifically signed.

The maximum speed, in miles per hour, at which traffic may travel,if it is safe to do so The national speed limit for the type of road and class of traffic applies
A larger sign indicates the start of a speed limit. Smaller repeater signs act as reminders. Repeater signs for a 30 mph limit are used only on roads with no street lighting. Repeater signs for the national speed limit are used only on roads with street lighting (other than motorways)

Road marking used in conjunction with upright signs to indicate the speed limit
Entrance to a zone where a 20 mph speed limit is enforced by traffic calming measures (there may be no 20 mph repeater signs within the zone)
End of 20 mph zone and start of 30 mph speed limit

Start of a speed limit at the boundary of a town or village
Start of motorway regulations, including the national speed limit (unless a different speed limit is signed)

Point on a road with street lighting where an existing 30 mph limit originally ended but has subsequently been extended (temporary sign). This sign alerts drivers that a previous higher limit has been replaced by a 30 mph limit by the removal of speed limit signs

End of road works and any temporary speed limit through those works (may be supplemented by a sign indicating the permanent speed limit beyond the road works) Area where speed cameras are in use Length of road where two cameras are used to measure the average speed of a vehicle between two points
Reminder that enforcement cameras are in use (may be supplemented by a speed limit sign) Speed camera nearby on a lit road with a 30 mph speed limit (i.e. where there are no speed limit repeater signs) Speed camera nearby on an unlit road subject to the national speed limit (i.e. where there are no speed limit repeater signs)

Maximum speed advised, in miles per hour, at a bend (the plate may be used with other warning signs) Minimum speed permitted, in miles per hour, unless it is impracticable or unsafe to comply End of minimum speed requirement

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