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          Recent Speeding Fines Given in the UK


Speeding Fines

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Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

So where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket. Heres our Live top 10 of the most reports per county...
Position County Listings
1West Yorkshire30
6North Yorkshire21

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicle’s registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If you’re still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
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Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishmentDrivers AgeDrivers SexVehicleCountyDate
13570MotorwayVASCARLost licence, £300 fine, 1 year ban, re-take driving test for new licence
13070MotorwayLADARNo points, £750 fine, £35 costs, 2 month ban
12270Dual CarriagewayMobile VASCAR£100 fine, £50 costs, 21 day ban42MaleYamaha RD350R
12270Dual CarriagewayMobile VASCAR£200 fine, £30 costs, 6 points32MaleYamaha YZF750R
12070Dual CarriagewayVASCAR£200 fine, £35 costs, 1 month ban21MaleFord Fiesta RS1800i
11970MotorwayVASCAR£250 fine, 28 day ban24MaleBMW 325i Convertable
11670MotorwayVASCAR12 month ban, £250 fine and resit test. Police pushed it to dangerous driving to get this penalty.46MaleMerc 300 diesel!
11570Dual CarriagewayVASCAR28 day ban, £300 fine, £35 costsMaleYamaha FZR400
11470MotorwayMobile LIDAR6 points, £700 fine, £35 costs
11070Dual Carriageway£225 fine, 6 points34MaleAlfa 164 3.0l
11070MotorwayMobile VASCAR£200 fine, £35 costs, 21 day ban31MaleHonda CBR600F
11060A RoadLidar£250 fine, £35 costs, 6 points26MaleCitroen Saxo VTS
10960MotorwayVASCAR28 day ban, £600 fine, £40 costs
10870MotorwayLTI20.20£175 fine, £35 costs, 14 day ban28MaleAudi A4 1.8i
10870Dual CarriagewayLTI20.206 points, £300 fine, £35 costs39MaleRenault Megane 2.0 16v Coupe
10670MotorwayMobile Radar6 points, £200 fine, £35 costsGSXR600
10570MotorwayMobile Gatso6 points, £200 fine,7 day ban29MaleNissan Almera SRi
10570Dual CarriagewayVASCAR£200 fine, £35 costs, 14 day banMaleToyota MR2 GT
10660A RoadHandheld Laser0 points and £80 fine18FemaleClio Sport
10570MotorwayMobile Gatso6 points, £200 fine, £40 costs, 7 day ban
10550A RoadLTI20.203 month ban, £500 fineMaleYamaha RD500
10470Dual Carriageway6 points, £200 fine, £40 costs20MaleSuzuki RGV250K
10470MotorwayVASCAR6 points, £220 fine, £30 costs39MaleSuzuki GSX750F
10470MotorwayVASCAR5 points, £140 fine, £30 costs, 7 day ban32MaleSuzuki GSXR1100
10270MotorwayLTI20.207 day ban, £35 costs38FemaleMondeo
10270MotorwayLTI20.20£200 fine, 2 week ban57MaleSubaru Impreza Turbo
10170MotorwayVASCAR£250 fine, £30 costs, 6 points
10170Dual CarriagewayLTI20/20£150 fine, £30 costs, 6 points25MalePeugot406 SRi
10160A RoadLTI20/20 at a range of 425metres£400 fine, £35 costs, 6 points, 3 month ban28MaleMazda Rx7 Turbo
10170MotorwayLTI20/20£250 fine, £35 costs, 6 points40FemaleBMW 318i
10170MotorwayMobile Gatso£250 fine, £40 costs, 1 yr ban and a retest
10170Dual CarriagewayLTI 20/20 LIDAR£250 fine, £35 costs, 6 points, 28 day ban38MaleOpel Manta
10170Dual CarriagewayLTI 20/20 LIDAR£810 fine, £300 costs, 6 pointsMaleDucati motorbike
10170MotorwayVASCAR6 points, £150 fine, £30 costs
10070MotorwayVASCAR£250 fine, £50 costs, 14 day banMaleVauxhall Cavalier GSi 2000
10070MotorwayLIDAR6 points, £540 fine, £35 costs
10070MotorwayVASCAR5 points, £250 fine, £30 costs
10070Dual Carriageway6 points, £235 fine25MalePeugot 106 GTi
9970MotorwayLADAR5 points, £180 fine, £35 costs
9970MotorwayLTI20.205 points, £360 fine, £40 costs24MaleVauxhall Calibra Turbo
9970Dual CarriagewayVASCAR6 points, £150 fine, £35 costsMaleKawasaki ZX-6R
9970MotorwayVASCAR5 points, £485 fine (£450 + £30 court costs)33MaleLotus ElanSE
9870MotorwayLIDAR5 points, £360 fine, £35 costs43MaleVolvo 850R (250bhp)
9870MotorwayVASCAR5 points, £135 fineFemale
9870MotorwayLTI20/204 points, £450 fineMaleSkoda VRS
9870MotorwayLTI20/205 points, £300 fine, £35 costs26MaleOpel Vectra 2.0L 16v
9870Motorway5 points, £150 fine, £35 costs38MaleFord Mondeo
9860A RoadVASCAR5 points, £150 fine, £35 costs
9860B RoadAutovision£350 fine, £35 costs, 28 day ban28MaleXantia 1.8SX
9770MotorwayVASCAR3 points, £40 fine22MaleToyota MR2 GTi Turbo
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