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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.
          Recent Speeding Fines Given in the UK


Speeding Fines

Been Caught speeding? -- Send us your Speeding fine information here
Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

So where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket. Heres our Live top 10 of the most reports per county...
Position County Listings
1West Yorkshire38
6North Yorkshire26

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicleís registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If youíre still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
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Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishmentDrivers AgeDrivers SexVehicleCountyDate
8670MotorwayPolice Car3pts + £6028Male02 Toyota Corolla 1.6LCheshire22/04/2012
Drivers Comments: On the M6, clear road, perfect visability. Unmarked BMW 5 series police car approached at 95mph and stopped me. No discussion, he had already filled out a ticket by the time I walked to his car.
13570Dual CarriagewayOther56 day ban, £235 fine23Male1000c motorbikeHampshire30/01/2014
Drivers Comments: Unmarked car, good mitigation letter, real humbleness.
10750A RoadPolice Van7 day ban, £350 fine Inc costs36male1000cc Honda motorbikePowys07/09/2015
Drivers Comments: Lucky to get such light punishment, letters from boss saying I need car for work and pretend to be sorry in front of magistrates helped. And ot only got recorded as sp30 on my licence :)
5930A RoadPolice Van£658 fine, 0 points, 28 day disqualification38male1000cc Honda motorbikeWest Yorkshire25/09/2015
Drivers Comments: 6 points was suggested by the central judge, but the one to his left suggested they deliberate... Disqualification given!
3430B RoadFixed Camera£20541Female1000cc Honda motorbikeLancashire16/09/2015
5330Dual CarriagewaySpeed GunFixed penalty £100 fine and 3 points31male1000cc Honda motorbikeGreater London13/10/2015
Drivers Comments: Danson underpass, bexleyheath. Early in he morning nothing on the road
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4930B RoadSpeed Gun6 points £150 retake test18Male106Somerset27/08/2013
Drivers Comments:
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5840Dual CarriagewayGATSO4 points, £40 fine, £30 costs17Female1984 Vauxhall Nova
8870MotorwayVASCAR3 points, £40 fine30Male1996 BMW M3 Evo Convertible (LHD)
4330Dual CarriagewayMini Gatso3 points, £40 fine22Male1999 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16v
11470Dual CarriagewayPolice Car3 week ban & £616 fine (court feeís included)34Male2017 Skoda Octavia VRSWiltshire5/8/2018
Drivers Comments: 02:33 in the morning on clear roads, undercover Tri-Force police car followed me speeding through a 30, 50 & 70mph limit
5950Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£115 fine £30 costs £15 victim charge & 3 points63Female3.0Jaguar x typeNottinghamshire25/02/2012
Drivers Comments: disgusted!
5130B RoadSpeed Gun6 points, £435 fine26Male300cHertfordshire10/11/2016
4130B RoadSpeed Gun306 diesel turbo33Male306 diesel turboArgyll and Bute07/11/2011
Drivers Comments: Perfect end to a crap weekend away
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3630MotorwayPolice CarSpeed Awareness Course23Male306 GTi-6Herefordshire10/04/2017
Drivers Comments: 2:20 am in the Morning on a Wednesday, cruise control set to 30 as I came from a 60 zone, started to go downhill didnít notice speed crept up, copper with speed gun zapped me 36 in a 30. Awareness course taken.
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4540Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 points18Male308Bedfordshire11/20/2018
6860A RoadSpeed Gun£60 fine, 3 points26Male406 CoupeEast Sussex
5230OtherPolice Car3 points £60 fine36Male911West Midlands05/03/2013
Drivers Comments: Nice WPC told me Driver Awareness, letter from WMP said, 3 points and £60!?
9370Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 points, £100 fine30Male911Hampshire03/03/2017
Drivers Comments:
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6950MotorwayPolice Car£60 + 3 points38MaleA4 2.8Lothian
9870MotorwayFixed CameraNot yet known48MaleAbarth 595 TrofeoWest Yorkshire10/9/2018
5330B RoadPolice Van6 points and £275 fine £85 costs and £15 victim surcharge included)32maleAlfa 147Hampshire05/02/2016
Drivers Comments: Caught coming from 60 to 30, didnít slow in time, hands up shouldnít have done it, not the fairest way to catch speeders, but glad its over now!
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10270MotorwayFixed Camera6 points £760 fine46MaleAlfa 159tiEssex04/12/2017
Drivers Comments: Went to court with no lawyer, clean Licence for 28years pleaded guilty
11070Dual Carriageway£225 fine, 6 points34MaleAlfa 164 3.0l
9570MotorwayFixed Camera3 points and £100 fine43FemaleAlfa GiuliaGreater Manchester8/3/2018
Drivers Comments: Learnt a valued lesson, 22 years driving, normally careful but driving a new car.
3830A RoadPolice Van3 points or driver awareness. Took driver awareness.35MaleAlfa GiuliettaGreater Manchester1/2/2019
8270Dual CarriagewayPolice VanSpeed awareness course49MaleAMV8Hampshire16/05/2016
Drivers Comments: Fair cop!
4830A RoadSpeed Gun£60 fine 3 points40MaleAprilia falcoSouth Yorkshire27/02/2012
Drivers Comments: Camera tripod hid on a pavement
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4530A RoadPolice Van3 points / £100 fine FPN31MaleAriel AtomNottinghamshire9/28/2018
9770Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun5 points £668 fine inc.cost46maleAston db9Suffolk06/01/2015
Drivers Comments: Dual carriage 1 other car
9870MotorwaySpeed Gun6 Points, £900 fine, plus court costs and victim surcharge.36MaleAston Martin VantageCambridgeshire15/01/2017
Drivers Comments: Attended court myself, was polite, wrote an exceptional mitigation letter, but the magistrate said that as I was at the top end of the limit, the maximum penalty must be applied. A note to all, make sure the ticket is filled in correctly by the Police Officer, he had written down my car as a PLG (Public light goods, i.e. minibus) so I could have contested the whole thing, had I been sharper!
7640Dual CarriagewayPolice Car6 Points £275 Fine30FemaleAstraMiddlesex08/08/2013
Drivers Comments: Traffic Court
10170MotorwayPolice Car4 month ban. £265 fine licence endorsed31MaleAstra 1.9cdtiLothian30/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Unmarked black Volvo v70 about 1 mile behind me m9 j3 between 2 bridges average speed 101mph 5am wet quiet road. Previous for DD and DR 10 years ago
7440Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun6 points £330 fine30Female Astra EstateHertfordshire29/04/2013
7340Dual CarriagewayLIDAR4 points, £193 fine28MaleAstra SXI
4230B RoadSpeed GunDriver awareness51Maleastra vanBerkshire07/10/2012
7740A RoadPolice Van6 points £395 fine45MaleAstra VXRLancashire15/07/2016
4330B Roadother£100 3 penalty points59FemaleAudiEast Sussex26/11/2015
Drivers Comments: "Automatic camera device/speed detection device" - not visible: in a van
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9970Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun6 points and £561 fine (including disbursements)47FemaleAudiStaffordshire6/22/2018
Drivers Comments: I went to court with my Solicitor. I had a clean licence. Never been caught speeding in 30 years of driving, never been on speed awareness course. Lawyer requested 4 points. Magistrate issued 6 - HARSH! No consistency in our law unfortunately!
5040Dual CarriagewayFixed CameraSpeed Awareness Course52MaleAudiGreater Manchester2/22/2019
Drivers Comments: A580 East Lancashire Road/Moorside Road approach, 16:20 on a Sunday, no cars on this 4 lane stretch of duel carriageway. Caught by a Red light and speed on green combined as I accelerated though the green light
7050MotorwayPolice Car3points + £60 fixed penalty58MaleAudiClwyd
Drivers Comments: 11.40pm.No traffic.Straight road.Not allowed speed awareness in lieu of points.
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10370MotorwayPolice Car 4 pts £150 fine32FemaleAudi A3Strathclyde10/08/2012
Drivers Comments: Had 3 points already. Represented lawyer so didnít attend court.
9770MotorwayPolice Van5 points and £282 fine30Maleaudi a3uk22/04/2016
Drivers Comments: believe i got off pretty lightly, had a good mitigation letter - pleaded guilty by post
8860A RoadFixed Camera£220 Fine and 6 points plus costs.26MaleAudi A3Cornwall15/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Guilty plea at 1st opportunity and mitigation letter sent to court. Just hold your hands up, accept you messed up and apologise. I think thatís how I avoided a ban.
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4530A RoadPolice Van3 points £100 fine40MaleAudi A3West Yorkshire30/06/2014
Drivers Comments:
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3630A RoadPolice VanSpeed Awareness Course29MaleAudi A3Hampshire2/1/2019
7960A RoadFixed CameraSpeed awareness course21FemaleAudi A3Fermanagh10/19/2018
3630B RoadPolice Van3 points £100 fine28MaleAudi a3Leicestershire11/26/2018
Drivers Comments: Didnít see the camera till too late on the bend
6140B RoadPolice VanUnknown24MaleAudi A3Hampshire6/22/2018
9360A RoadSpeed Gun90 day ban + £200 fine + costs17MaleAudi A3 1.9tdiPowys10/1/2018
Drivers Comments: Long straight road about 8pm in June. Unmarked BMW parked in a junction chased me and pulled me over told me Iíd get 3 points. Didnít hear anything until September. Ended up going to court twice first time got 6 points and £660 fine but case was reopened because it should of been heard at a youth court. Attended the hearing magistrates ignored everything and gave me a 90 day ban and £200 fine with no points. I had already been off the road for nearly 2 weeks before the case reopened so basically had a 100 day ban.
Been Caught Speeding?
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