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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.
          Recent Speeding Fines Given in the UK


Speeding Fines

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Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

So where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket. Heres our Live top 10 of the most reports per county...
Position County Listings
1West Yorkshire41
6North Yorkshire26

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicleís registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If youíre still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
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Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishmentDrivers AgeDrivers SexVehicleCountyDate
4530A RoadPolice Caruknown37MaleToledoGreater Manchester12/10/2018
6030Dual CarriagewayPolice Van28 Day Disqualification. £811 fine inc victim surcharge and court costs. 51MaleFord EdgeMid Glamorgan12/7/2018
Drivers Comments: Industrial estate, very quiet roads, no pedestrians, dry conditions, broad daylight. Van tucked away amongst trees and shrubs.
4030A RoadPolice Car£100 plus 3 penalty points 57MaleCitroen C4 PicassoShetland12/3/2018
Drivers Comments: Genuinely thought that I was in a 40mph zone.
6450A RoadOther£100 3 points45Malec2 vtsLancashire12/3/2018
Drivers Comments: Mobile speed camera van on bridge above A56. Caught me from 300MT away.
8170Dual CarriagewayFixed Camera£100 and 3 points or speed awareness course. 50MaleBMW 335dLincolnshire11/27/2018
Drivers Comments: Paid fine took points. Fair cop. Brand new car, would have been faster in my old one.
3630B RoadPolice Van3 points £100 fine28MaleAudi a3Leicestershire11/26/2018
Drivers Comments: Didnít see the camera till too late on the bend
4540Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 points18Male308Bedfordshire11/20/2018
6640MotorwayFixed Camera6 points £497 fine31MaleVauxhall AstraCheshire11/16/2018
Drivers Comments: Clear dry day. 8am in the morning. Smart motorway. Missed the change in speed on the gantries. No need for the limit to be 40 as the road was empty. Pleaded guilty online. Received NIP 2 weeks after incident. Received court summons paperwork after 4 1/2 months. Did not have to attend court. Pleaded guilty online. Gave as much info as I could for mitigating letter. Received outcome 2 weeks later. Feel lucky could have been a lot worse.
7640B RoadSpeed Gun6 points £833 fine53MaleFiesta STEssex11/9/2018
Drivers Comments: 10pm at night, good weather conditions, 30 yearr good driving record. Told by policeman that it would go to court and to expect a ban. It didnít as had a good solicitor. Costly though. Now drive a lot slower as expect a speed gun to jump out of the bushes again at any moment.
9470MotorwayPolice Van3 Points & £100 Fine32MaleMitsubishi Eclipse CrossHampshire11/6/2018
Drivers Comments: 7:30am on a dry, clear, empty motorway. According to the chart I was sent on the NIP, going up to 43 in a 30 in Hampshire gets you a Speed awareness course. Absolutely ridiculous considering this is potentially a residential, pedestrianised area. For going 94 on a Motorway when I could see a mile up the road ahead I get 3 points. I expect my money will pay for their christmas buffet, but Iím proud to say that I just renewed my Car insurance - and guess what - it wasnít a penny more with the SP50! Result.
9070MotorwayFixed Camera£100 and 3 penalty points40MaleSkodaWest Yorkshire11/1/2018
8970Dual CarriagewayPolice Van£100 fine and 3 points. 56MalePorsche Cayman SCornwall11/1/2018
Drivers Comments: Mobile camera vans all over A30 in Cornwall.. and move location daily. Beware.
9270 MotorwayFixed Camera3 points £100 fine30MalePassatWarwickshire10/26/2018
3630B RoadFixed CameraSpeed awareness course36MaleZafiraDevon10/22/2018
Drivers Comments: Very lucky. Honestly thought I was doing much more than that.
7960A RoadFixed CameraSpeed awareness course21FemaleAudi A3Fermanagh10/19/2018
4230A RoadSpeed Gun£100 fine and 3 points38MaleBMW 320dSomerset10/19/2018
Drivers Comments: Already had 3 points.
10470MotorwayPolice CarIn court 16th October49MaleShelby GT500Wiltshire10/12/2018
9870MotorwayFixed CameraNot yet known48MaleAbarth 595 TrofeoWest Yorkshire10/9/2018
9360A RoadSpeed Gun90 day ban + £200 fine + costs17MaleAudi A3 1.9tdiPowys10/1/2018
Drivers Comments: Long straight road about 8pm in June. Unmarked BMW parked in a junction chased me and pulled me over told me Iíd get 3 points. Didnít hear anything until September. Ended up going to court twice first time got 6 points and £660 fine but case was reopened because it should of been heard at a youth court. Attended the hearing magistrates ignored everything and gave me a 90 day ban and £200 fine with no points. I had already been off the road for nearly 2 weeks before the case reopened so basically had a 100 day ban.
4530A RoadPolice Van3 points / £100 fine FPN31MaleAriel AtomNottinghamshire9/28/2018
8170MotorwayPolice VanSpeed awareness course, nothing else.19MaleAUDI S1 QUATTRONorth Yorkshire9/26/2018
10870MotorwayPolice Car21 day ban and £1080 fine including court fees etc. 2nd offence already had 6 points from previous32MaleAudi A5Oxfordshire9/24/2018
Drivers Comments: Represented myself in court, was sincere and apologised explained the consequences of a long ban. Magistrates were very understanding.
2320A RoadPolice VanNone - warning35FemaleRenault TrafficBristol9/24/2018
8070MotorwayPolice VanOffer of speed awareness course.37MaleAudi A4North Yorkshire9/19/2018
Drivers Comments: Van with manned equipment on A168 North bound. Didnít think Iíd get the offer of a course after being caught doing 88 in a 70 two hours before this one. Been lucky really. Could have been very expensive.
8870MotorwayPolice Van £100 + 3 points37MaleAudi A4North Yorkshire9/19/2018
Drivers Comments: Van with manned equipment on a bridge above the A1. Been lucky with fine as got caught twice on the same day. Gotta slow down.
6840A RoadPolice VanProsecution17MaleFord FiestaHampshire9/17/2018
5030OtherFixed CameraSummons20MalePoloSouth Glamorgan9/12/2018
7050MotorwayFixed Camera3 points £10046MaleVauxhall Signum 1.9 deiselWest Yorkshire9/12/2018
Drivers Comments: Leaving service station after roadworks had finished I didnít know it was still a 50 limit until it was too late
3620OtherSpeed Gun4 points, £123 Fine, £100 Costs, £30 Victim Surcharge22MaleDS3Merseyside9/6/2018
Drivers Comments: online guilty plea.
6860A RoadAverage Speed CameraSpeed Awareness Course26MaleCitroen BerlingoNorfolk9/3/2018
Drivers Comments: A17 Westbound just West of Kingís Lynn - middle of night. Cameras facing rear of vehicle. Only recall going over limit at first couple of cameras.
9470MotorwayPolice Van3 points + £10032MaleBMW 525DPerth and Kinross8/31/2018
Drivers Comments: Feel very lucky. Had no prior points.
4330A RoadPolice Van3 Points £100 fine55MaleLand RoverHertfordshire8/29/2018
Drivers Comments: Following flow of traffic this would be normally a 40 limit in a sparsely populated village.
7250A RoadOther£100 & 3 points31MaleGolf RDorset8/22/2018
Drivers Comments: No idea how they caught me! My guess is mobile device. Had no idea the road was a 50, thought it was a 70. It was early in the morning on a quite road in Dorset.
5130A RoadPolice Van3 points and a £100.00 fine51MaleAudi TT West Yorkshire8/22/2018
Drivers Comments: First ever offence in thirty years driving; I was accelerating from a 30mph to 50 before the 50mph limit sign.
5630A RoadSpeed Gun6 points and a £335 fine21FemaleCitroenKent8/22/2018
Drivers Comments: Was very lucky! Luckily I drive for my company at work and I would lose my job if I lost my licence.
4830B RoadPolice Van4 points £380 fine21MaleFord TransitDevon8/6/2018
9570MotorwayFixed Camera3 points and £100 fine43FemaleAlfa GiuliaGreater Manchester8/3/2018
Drivers Comments: Learnt a valued lesson, 22 years driving, normally careful but driving a new car.
9870MotorwayFixed Camera3 points 100 pound fine29MaleAudi RSWest Yorkshire8/3/2018
Drivers Comments: Got caught learnt a lesson, wonít do it again!
6240Dual CarriagewayFixed CameraFixed pen £100 and 3 points52MaleMerc a180 AMGWest Midlands8/2/2018
Drivers Comments: Thought it would be much worse
9470MotorwayFixed Camera3 points and £100 fine33MaleMercedes CL600 Bi TurboWest Yorkshire7/24/2018
5740Dual CarriagewayFixed Camera£100 Fine, Speed Awareness25MaleBMW M2Essex7/24/2018
Drivers Comments: Red light camera and sped up to make lights. Camera now does speed too.
8050Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun21 Day ban £733 fine including court costs24MalePeugeotKent7/20/2018
5750MotorwayAverage Speed Cameraspeed awareness course £7522MaleOctavia VrsDurham7/19/2018
Drivers Comments: Average 50mph speed limit. Car gets better mpg at 60 than 50.
9530OtherPolice Car1 year ban, £195 fines19MaleVW Golf MK5 GT TDIDorset7/16/2018
Drivers Comments: Happened 2 months before being passed for 2 years, had to attend court; could of been worse.
8770MotorwayPolice Van£100 + 3 points42MaleMercedesCambridgeshire7/16/2018
Drivers Comments: First offence!
9040Dual CarriagewayPolice Car56 day Ban (8 weeks), £450 fine + £45 Victim surcharge + £80 court costs - Total £575.0047MaleSubaru Impreza STIWest Midlands7/10/2018
Drivers Comments: Pleaded guilty, so fine was reduced. However I only sustained 90mph for just 1 second as I had reached the the roundabout directly outside my work (Quinton Business Park), therefore had to slow down for the right-hand turn at the island.
8270Dual CarriagewayPolice VanSpeed awareness course, £100 cost/fine23MaleVW Polo GTIWest Sussex7/6/2018
Drivers Comments: First offence, glad to be offered the course.
9270Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 Points and £100 Fine60MaleBMW 5 SeriesGloucestershire7/2/2018
Drivers Comments: There was no excuse, thought I would be banned. After admitting it got a letter saying would I take 3 points and £100 fine. I did ! No idea way ?
8460Dual CarriagewayPolice VanFine and points40MaleVanGloucestershire6/22/2018
9970Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun6 points and £561 fine (including disbursements)47FemaleAudiStaffordshire6/22/2018
Drivers Comments: I went to court with my Solicitor. I had a clean licence. Never been caught speeding in 30 years of driving, never been on speed awareness course. Lawyer requested 4 points. Magistrate issued 6 - HARSH! No consistency in our law unfortunately!
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