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Speeding Fines

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Speeding Fines

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Speeding Fines

Been Caught speeding? -- Send us your Speeding fine information here Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

So where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket. Heres our Live top 10 of the most reports per county...

Position County Listings
3Lancashire 17
5West Yorkshire16
9West Midlands11

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicleís registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If youíre still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishment Drivers AgeDrivers SexVehicle County Date
6130A RoadPolice Van£324.00 Fine 56 Day Ban41MalePorscheNorthamptonshire25/02/2014
9370MotorwayPolice Van3 Points + £100 Fine58MaleLexus IS300Buckinghamshire25/02/2014
Drivers Comments: Regular spot for laser van, just didnít register that day.
6450MotorwayPolice Van£100 and 3 points34MaleFord escort vannTyne and Wear24/02/2014
Drivers Comments: How can a fine go from £60-100 anyway. Thatís rise is way higher than inflation.
9270Dual CarriagewaySpeed GunFixed Penalty + 3 points62MalePorsche 924SGwynedd24/02/2014
Drivers Comments: First speeding offence in 31 years of Porsche car ownership.
5740B RoadSpeed Gun£520 + 3points26MaleVW Golf 16vSurrey18/02/2014
Drivers Comments: arghh
3630B RoadFixed Camera3 points £100 fine47MaleVW PassatEast Sussex17/02/2014
Drivers Comments: Speed camera on hill, you need to brake to stay within limit
5730Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun6 points, £291 fine inc government surcharge plus 85 costs (£376 total) ouch!49MaleSuzuki SV650 motorcycleHertfordshire06/02/2014
5130A RoadPolice Car£300 + 4 points62Femalerenault kangoo trekkaDumfries and Galloway03/02/2014
Drivers Comments: police said would have issued on the spot £100 fine but as non-uk vehicle plates had to refer to court; pled guilty but court hit out. 30mph limit was on rural road where there is a single row of terrace houses on one side of road only; is it legal to have a 30mph limit in such a situation
13570Dual CarriagewayOther56 day ban, £235 fine23Male1000c motorbikeHampshire30/01/2014
Drivers Comments: Unmarked car, good mitigation letter, real humbleness.
7640Dual CarriagewayFixed Camera£450 Fine 6 points43MaleFord SmaxWest Midlands28/01/2014
7750Dual CarriagewayFixed Camera£300 fine , £85 costs , £30 victim fee , 4 points44MalegolfMerseyside23/01/2014
9870MotorwayPolice Car6 Points + £350 Fine + Costs32MaleVW PassatStaffordshire20/01/2014
Drivers Comments: Could have been much worse?
3630B RoadOther£100 + 3 points55FemalePeugeot 208Somerset20/01/2014
Drivers Comments: I was unaware I had been caught on a camera - it would have to be a mobile unit, but it was dark? unable to do speed awareness as I was driving my daughters car - why is this?
9760B RoadSpeed Gun14 day ban £400 fine39MaleKawasaki Zx6rNorth Yorkshire10/01/2014
7250Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 Points £100 Fine55MaleAudi A3 Turbo SportBedfordshire09/01/2014
6750A RoadPolice Van3 points £100 fine41MaleSkoda FabiaWest Yorkshire19/12/2013
Drivers Comments: Just glad i wasnít on the phone eating my lunch and watching the telly... Joking...or am i :)
4430A RoadFixed Camera£100 + 3 points63MaleMercedes C220East Sussex19/12/2013
10170MotorwayPolice Car5 points £380 fine27MaleAudi a3 sportWiltshire19/12/2013
9670MotorwayPolice Car4 Points £375 Fine31MaleGolfLeicestershire19/12/2013
3930A RoadFixed Camera100 pound+3points22MaleBMW 325DNottinghamshire09/12/2013
8870A RoadSpeed Gun3pts &£100 fine51MaleLexus RX450hEssex05/12/2013
3630A RoadFixed CameraNone30MaleFocus 1.9 TDIHampshire03/12/2013
Drivers Comments: Foreign licence, was let off! :-)
9870MotorwayPolice Car6 points and 700 quid38MaleAudi A5Cornwall20/11/2013
Drivers Comments: Pretty harsh
5230B RoadPolice Van6 points £33034Malemazda 211/11/2013
Drivers Comments: Díoh!
8650MotorwayAverage Speed Cameraban + £205 fine28Malevauxhall astra 1.4West Yorkshire08/11/2013
Drivers Comments: Mofos people get let of for worst
10170Dual CarriagewayPolice Van6 points, £21561MaleBMW 6 seriesHampshire04/11/2013
7670MotorwayFixed Camera£100 fine & 3pts36FemaleMini04/11/2013
Drivers Comments: No offer of speed awareness course.
7670MotorwayFixed Camera£100 fine & 3pts36FemaleMini04/11/2013
Drivers Comments: No offer of speed awareness course.
9770Dual CarriagewayPolice Car5 Points £ 650 inc VS45MaleXC60Lincolnshire28/10/2013
Drivers Comments: 97 Average, spotted plain Beamer coming up behind me at high speed, like a prat accelerated away - then he stuck his lights on ! - Could have nicked me doing 80mph had he approached more steadily without a fuss
4330A RoadSpeed Gun100 pound fine 3 penalty points49MalekiaCumbria28/10/2013
Drivers Comments: 100 pound fine seems harsh as i always thought fine was 60 - 70 pound
8260A RoadPolice Van£100 fine and 3 points73Malemini countryman sdall4Humberside28/10/2013
Drivers Comments: Fair cop. There were circumstances but none to get me off! Fine went up from £60 to £100 on 26 August 2013.
9770Dual CarriagewayPolice Car£875 & 6 points58MaleMercedes A45 AMGNorfolk24/10/2013
4330OtherPolice Car100 pounds + 3 points31MaleFord FiestaRenfrewshire17/10/2013
6250Dual CarriagewaySpeed GunSpeed Awareness course44MaleFord FocusSurrey14/10/2103
Drivers Comments: A308 near Fordbridge roundabout.Use this road every day. Police car hiding behind unmarked car. goes towards their Xmas part I suppose.
3530B RoadPolice Van3pts+£100 or POSSIBLE course39MaleMercedes E220 AMG sport estateHumberside10/10/2013
Drivers Comments: Unfamiliar road, late for wifeís hospital appointment. Van straight after 90ļ bend. What a joke!
7930A RoadPolice Car£400 pound fine £240 costs 14 day ban42MaleDyfed07/10/2013
6950Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£100 fine 3 Points30Maletransit vanCornwall07/10/2013
Drivers Comments: absolute joke, hid over the brow of a hill on a38 dual carrageway. I had a clean licence until now and do 1200 miles a week over the country. didnt even get offered speed awareness course
9070MotorwayPolice Car3pts + £100 fine50FemaleBMW 1 SeriesWest Yorkshire7/10/2013
Drivers Comments: I thought the fine was harsh but on looking at others, itís not bad. Lesson learned though.
9340Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun4 month driving ban & £180 fine21MaleBMW 320cd m sportWest Midlands07/10/2013
7930OtherPolice Car£400 fine £240 cost 14 day ban42Malekia rioDyfed07/10/2013
6950Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£100 3 points30MaleTransit VanCornwall03/10/2013
Drivers Comments: absolute joke, hid over the brow of a hill on a38 dual carrageway. I had a clean licence until now and do 1200 miles a week over the country. didnt even get offered speed awareness course
7850A RoadPolice Van£350 fine, £35 costs, 6 points38MaleBMWStaffordshire16/09/2013
5530A RoadFixed Camera6 Points £330 Fine33MaleToyota AvensisBerkshire12/09/2013
Drivers Comments: Clean licence for 16 years, coming home after night-shift normal route home lost concentration. Summons to attend court.
5530A RoadSpeed Trap (Fixed Camera)6 Points £33033MaleToyota Avensis11/09/2013
Drivers Comments: Clean licence for 16 years, coming home after night-shift normal route home lost concentration. Summons to attend court
4140A RoadPolice VanPleading not guilty70MaleBMW 320 TourerHampshire06/09/2013
Drivers Comments: : A35 (Ashurst) photo taken 84 mtrs out of 30 zone.Police camera 250 yds from stated Oct/Nov/Dec 300 more "offences"than other months(30% unpaid,not guilty as opposed to normal 10%) Police scam! Too many to be accidental.Case in Soton Oct 15th Others caught in this scam (opp Whartons Lane please notify me or Soton Daily Echo)
5750A RoadAverage Speed CameraSpeed Awareness Course30MaleSmart RoadsterGreater London05/09/2013
9670MotorwayPolice Car£508 and 4 points30MaleBMW m sport06/09/2013
7250Dual CarriagewayPolice Car3 Points £60 Fine28MaleVolvo S60Middlesex06/09/2013
5750A RoadAverage Speed CameraSpeed awareness30MaleSmart RoadsterGreater London06/09/2013
7250A RoadPolice Car3 points £6028MaleVolvo S60Middlesex04/09/2013
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