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Speeding Fines

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Speeding Fines

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Speeding Fines

Been Caught speeding? -- Send us your Speeding fine information here Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicle’s registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If you’re still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishment Drivers AgeDrivers SexVehicle County Date
7260A RoadSpeed Gun£60 and 3 points40MaleExpert vanNorth Yorkshire27/08/2013
9670MotorwaySpeed Gun3 points £120 fine33MaleCitroen Saxo VTRDumfries and Galloway27/08/2013
6940B RoadSpeed GunAwaiting nip44MaleAudi TTSFife27/08/2013
Drivers Comments: Empty country road, not built up area, used to be 60, never knew it was 40, overtook a car doing 20 and had to put brakes on hard as the officers jumped out of nowhere, no hi vis, hiding behind trees
4930B RoadSpeed Gun6 points £150 retake test18Male106Somerset27/08/2013
6940B RoadSpeed GunAwaiting nip44MaleAudi TTSFife26/08/2013
Drivers Comments: Empty country road, not built up area, used to be 60, never knew it was 40, overtook a car doing 20 and had to put brakes on hard as the officers jumped out of nowhere, no hi vis, hiding behind trees
9670motorwaySpeed Gun3 points £120 fine33MaleCitroen Saxo VTRDumfries and Galloway26/08/2013
7260A RoadSpeed Gun£60 fine and n3 points40MaleExpert VanNorth Yorkshire23/08/2013
9870MotorwayPolice Car£220 fine + court fees + 6 points30BMW 318iCambridgeshire23/08/2013
6140Dual CarriagewayPolice CarTBA46MaleCARBerkshire21/08/2013
7650Dual CarriagewayPolice Van£338 plus 6 points44FemaleVolvo XC90Nottinghamshire19/08/2013
Drivers Comments: Dual carriageway recently reduced to 50, police mobile unit out straight away, didn’t know limit had reduced (not well signed)
7640Dual CarriagewayPolice Car6 Points £275 Fine30FemaleAstraMiddlesex08/08/2013
Drivers Comments: Traffic Court
7130B RoadFixed CameraCourt35MaleCorsaSouth Yorkshire06/08/2013
5030A RoadPolice Van£280 + 5 points34MaleRenault kangoo Worcestershire05/08/2013
Drivers Comments: Not pleased when I see others from same area getting a speeding course for same offence
3630B RoadPolice Van£60 fine51MaleSeat leonBerkshire03/08/2013
9770MotorwayPolice Car£120 fine and 4 points28MaleBMWDumfries and Galloway31/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Perfect conditions (light traffic, clear sky, sun behind me). Got caught by the police who were hiding (invisible from the carriageway) on the Gretna services slip-road rejoining the motorway. Pled guilty via post.
10170MotorwayPolice Car4 month ban. £265 fine licence endorsed31MaleAstra 1.9cdtiLothian30/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Unmarked black Volvo v70 about 1 mile behind me m9 j3 between 2 bridges average speed 101mph 5am wet quiet road. Previous for DD and DR 10 years ago
9070MotorwayFixed Camera6 points , 200 pound fine17MaleFord ka 1.2Lincolnshire26/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Was driving safe...
3630B RoadFixed CameraSpeed awareness course24FemalePeugeot 206 sportBuckinghamshire24/07/2013
8250MotorwayFixed Camera£500 fine + £70 costs + £50 victim surcharge + 6 points45MaleBMW 5 SeriesWarwickshire15/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Seemed a bit harsh
9570Dual CarriagewayPolice Vanfixed penalty..60fine51maleaudi..ttSussex13/07/2013
Drivers Comments: lucky
12970Motorwayother6 points & £70 fine + £50 costs + £20 victim = £14054MaleST220 MondeoLancashire12/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Unmarked black BMW M6 Jct 32 onto M55. Tried racing me and lost. My actual speed ***mph
UKMOTORISTS COMMENTS: Maybe admitting a higher speed than you got caught is not wise. Police could still prosecute
8250MotorwayPolice Car4 points £24030MaleCorsaWest Yorkshire07/07/2013
Drivers Comments: so many people on here are pathetic. if you cant do the time, dont do the crime
9340Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun16 week ban21MaleBMW 320 cd m sportWest Midlands04/07/2013
Drivers Comments: Already had 9 points. Was caught driving 93 in rain. Talked my way out of it.
8250A RoadFixed Camera6 points, £450 fine27MaleVolkswagen GolfSurrey02/06/2013
5440A RoadFixed Camera3 points,£60 fine25MaleavensisAntrim02/06/2013
9370Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£400 fine + 5 points25MaleFord FocusAberdeenshire17/06/2013
Drivers Comments: Friendsof mine have done similar and even worse and had £200 fine - 4 points. Doesnt seem fair. I was unaware van was 60mph
5730Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun5pts £245 Fine21MaleFocusAberdeen City14/06/2013
Drivers Comments: 9pm at night- clear _ dry with no traffic. No speed signs on the road. Officers standing behind a parked car with police car parked off street. Mentioned distance between street lighting = road speed- 274ft = 30MPH
3730B RoadFixed CameraFine27MalevauxhualDerbyshire05/06/2013
7860B RoadSpeed Gun£60 plus 3 points51Maleyamaha yzf600Cambridgeshire10/05/2013
Drivers Comments: spotted first trap(bike hidden in hedgerow)which later passed me in opposite direction got caught on return journey unmarked skoda hidden in small clearing behind trees operated gun from in the car while I was overtaking a car hope he sleeps well at night
9370MotorwayPolice Car3 points £60 fine37FemaleKiaHampshire09/05/2013
4230A RoadPolice Van3 points44MaleBMWNORWICH03/05/2013
Drivers Comments: human error. when you do double the average miles per year i believe the mind goes into auto mode. its not in my interest to speed occasionally you just do. if the authorities trully want to stop speeding, then bring in automatic road speed limiters for all cars.
8530A RoadPolice Car8 Points £200 Fine22MaleRenault MeganeFife01/05/2013
Drivers Comments: Got Charged for doing 52 in the 30 instead of 85 in a 30 and a 60 after court proceedings
7750MotorwayPolice Van5 points approx £350 fine26MaleFiat pandaMonmouthshire30/04/2013
Drivers Comments: Approaching toll
7440Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun6 points £330 fine30Female Astra EstateHertfordshire29/04/2013
5140Dual CarriagewayOther3 points26MaleBMW 135 i Leicestershire26/04/2013
7740Dual CarriagewayPolice Van£220 fine & 6pts30MaleAudi A6West Yorkshire25/04/2013
Drivers Comments: Self employed driving many miles helped to avoid a ban.
12170MotorwayPolice Car84 day ban and £75037MaleR1Staffordshire23/04/2013
Drivers Comments: Fine reduced from £1,100 for early guilty plea. Eacaped Dangerous Driving charge by skin of teeth.. learnt lesson!!
5130B RoadPolice Van£400 fine and six points35MaleVolvo S40Somerset30/03/2013
Drivers Comments: Clear road on a sunny day leaving a motorway not in a built up area, I hope the camera operator can sleep at night just to keep himself in a job!
4540A RoadFixed Camera3 points17MaleBMWHertfordshire29/03/2013
7740MotorwayFixed CameraSummons30MaleFord focusWarwickshire25/03/2013
8260A RoadPolice Van3 Points £60 Fine30MaleBMW 530dLincolnshire23/03/2013
Drivers Comments: Empty straight dry road. Van was aiming a long way into distance as I saw him at 400m and slowed to 40!
9550MotorwaySpeed GunWaiting court date28MaleMercedes Middlesex10/03/2013
3430A RoadFixed Cameraspeed awareness course34Female toyotaCheshire10/03/2013
7970A RoadSpeed GunDAT48MalePorsche Hampshire07/03/2013
Drivers Comments: Scum in a van. With no better things to do that collect money
9570Motorway Police Van4 points £120 , went to court ( didnt attend but pleaded guilty)44MaleNissan NavaraDumfries and Galloway06/03/2013
Drivers Comments: quite fair I thought
5230OtherPolice Car3 points £60 fine36Male911West Midlands05/03/2013
Drivers Comments: Nice WPC told me Driver Awareness, letter from WMP said, 3 points and £60!?
9370MotorwayPolice Carawaiting37Malemerc c180Hampshire03/03/2013
5430A RoadFixed CameraDriver awareness 50MaleAudi a6Warwickshire01/03/2013
Drivers Comments: Barstuards
5840Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£2521Maletoyota avensisStaffordshire27/02/2013
9550A RoadPolice Car28 day ban, fine of £175 + £85 costs + £20 victims surcharge28MaleBMW Z4Middlesex26/02/2013
Been Caught Speeding?
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