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          Recent Speeding Fines Given in the UK


Speeding Fines

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Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

So where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket. Heres our Live top 10 of the most reports per county...
Position County Listings
1West Yorkshire30
6North Yorkshire21

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicleís registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If youíre still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
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Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishmentDrivers AgeDrivers SexVehicleCountyDate
9870MotorwayPolice Van6 points Fine of £348, plus Victim Surcharge £35 plus £85 costs..£468 in total52MaleMazda 6Oxfordshire19/09/2016
Drivers Comments: Feel very harshly dealt with. Van was on a bridge above the M40 motorway in Oxfordshire. First Offence, pleaded guilty. Will be buying a radar detector. and police can go and whistle if they ever want any help from me. Money grabbing exercise...
9670MotorwayPolice VanFine - £218.00 and 5 Penalty Points64MaleFord Galaxy GhiaLincolnshire19/09/2016
Drivers Comments: M180 from direction of M62, before Scunthorpe turning. Van parked on Police Patrol raised ramp
9170MotorwayPolice Car3 points. £100 fine.27MaleAudi RS6Berkshire12/09/2016
Drivers Comments: 2am on the M4. Empty motorway. Overtook an unmarked Land Rover Discovery. To my surprise itís white LED headlights turned blue :-(
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4030A RoadSpeed Gun4 points £761 fine44MalevanEast Sussex05/08/2016
Drivers Comments: Got offered a speed aware course, missed two through my stupidity, then forgot to send paper copy of driving license , all my fault, then went to magistrate court, I pleaded guilty before, BANG ! Thanks for fine , wow, gutted I was lazy with not taking speed awareness , but even so , what a fine !
6130B RoadPolice Car6 points £200fine +£100 court cost25MaleAudi s6Suffolk02/09/2016
Drivers Comments:
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8370MotorwayPolice Van3 points, £10019MaleAudi S3Devon30/08/2016
Drivers Comments:
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5830Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun3 point £100 fine . apologies and request forgiven from Court. 30MaleSuzukiGreater London22/08/2016
Drivers Comments: please do not do over limit, please safe your self and your family.
10260A RoadPolice Car21 day ban £220 fine plus costs49MaleBMW M3Devon22/08/2016
Drivers Comments: Get a good solicitor could have been a lot worse
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5430A RoadSpeed Gun3 points, £100 fine34MaleFord C-MaxEssex10/08/2016
Drivers Comments: Usually a national speed limit road but with temp 30mph due to roadworks (that werenít in operation). Got caught by policeman with a radar gun whilst driving the same speed as the rest of the traffic. Think they were being lenient as was expecting a court summons with at least 6 points.
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7830OtherPolice Van56 day ban £500 fine and speed awareness course at the end of my ban. 27MaleAudi Rs4West Yorkshire09/08/2016
Drivers Comments: Speed trap set didnít see the van as he was parked behind a transit van, On the other side of the road, didnít know that the vans could scan both sides of the road, No excuses was showing off to a friend my new car in the wrong place lesson learned.
11070MotorwayPolice Car6 points22MaleMercedes CLA45Warwickshire04/08/2016
Drivers Comments: charged with careless driving and speeding given 6 points for careless- 0 for speeding
9470Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 points and £100 fine54MaleAudi A6North Yorkshire01/08/2016
10340A RoadSpeed Gunbanned 16 weeks fine £32257MaleMotorcycleSuffolk21/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Got caught speeding, hold my hands up.
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7740A RoadPolice Van6 points £395 fine45MaleAstra VXRLancashire15/07/2016
7350A RoadPolice Van3 points £10056MalevectraWest Yorkshire15/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Own stuipid fault trying to replicate engine fault in a high gear and not seeing the van a mile away.
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10070Dual CarriagewayPolice Van5 points. £250 fine @ £50 per month18MaleBMW 116dCumbria14/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Solicitor cost a fortune, but it was worth it.
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3630Dual CarriagewayPolice Van£100 and 3 points56MaleJaguar xf estateWest Yorkshire13/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Dual carriageway ring road.. genuinely thought it was 40 mph... attended speed awareness course a month ago and have modified my driving.. feel cheated ive now bought a camera detector.
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9670MotorwayPolice Car3 points & £100 fine28MaleBMW 1 SeriesWiltshire07/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Unmarked car, the worst thing was the tv crew doing a documentary on speeding
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5030B RoadPolice Van£100 Fine and 3 points.27MaleNissan 350zSurrey06/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Fair outcome, think I got off lightly. Lesson learnt the hard way.
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9870MotorwaySpeed Gun£200 + 4 points50MaleHonda Prelude 2.2 VTECFife05/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Gun said 98, officer reckoned up to 115-120. Didnít argue - he was right! Didnít attend court, sent a letter of contrition. Approx 6 weeks between offence and court date.
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9070Dual CarriagewayFixed Camera£100 fine and 3 points47MaleVW Polo 1.4Devon04/07/2016
Drivers Comments: First offence. I was speeding so I owned up. Fixed penalty handled by post.
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9570Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 Points + £10046MaleBMW 330DDevon07/07/2016
Drivers Comments: A38 Wrangaton - Bittaford
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8560MotorwayFixed CameraSpeed awareness course as was 15mph over the limit26MaleAudi Q3Bedfordshire04/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Lucky to get the course being that far over the limit. Overhead gantry camera, these do work!
5830A RoadSpeed Gun6 points and £320 fine32MaleBMW320DLothian01/07/2016
Drivers Comments: Judge said I would have been banned but reduced sentence for clean licence, early guilty plea and as I use vehicle for employment
3730A RoadFixed CameraDriver retraining course51FemaleMini convertibleWest Yorkshire01/07/2016
9670MotorwayFixed Camera£190 court and fine ... 5 points .. Trotting over 12 points ... 6 Month Ban44MaleMondeo v624/06/2016
Drivers Comments: pecial Circumstances refused even with disability and doctors letter .
3530A RoadPolice CarAttendance at a speed awareness course, 4.5 hour duration cost £8570MalePeugeot 307Clwyd23/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Well delivered course which allowed participants to take an active role, I think most people learned something and I suspect would modify their driving habits, the course was not a lecture but more of a two way engagement
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4030Dual CarriagewayPolice Van£100 fine and 3 points off38MaleFord MondeoNottinghamshire23/06/2016
Drivers Comments: I really donít know if the police fine drivers for safety reasons or just to keep the city council bank account full of money
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3730OtherAverage Speed Camera3 POINTS £100 FINE30MaleMERCEDES E220 AMG CABRIOLETBedfordshire22/06/2016
10370MotorwayFixed Camera6 Points and £205 fine (£100 fine + Vic sur & Court cost £105)24MaleBMW 420dKent22/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Didnąt attend court but wrote a good mitigation letter.
4530Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun3 points £100 fine57FemaleVW Polo22/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Section of dual carriageway that has no speed limit signs upon entering it or along it.
9770MotorwayFixed Camera3 points and £100 fine44MaleAudi A7Essex17/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Got caught by Epping on M25. It is a fixed permanent camera
8860A RoadFixed Camera£220 Fine and 6 points plus costs.26MaleAudi A3Cornwall15/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Guilty plea at 1st opportunity and mitigation letter sent to court. Just hold your hands up, accept you messed up and apologise. I think thatís how I avoided a ban.
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3830OtherPolice VanSpeed awareness21FemaleMiniNottinghamshire08/06/2016
Drivers Comments:
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7350Dual CarriagewayFixed Camera5 Points, £500 fine22MaleAudi TTSAberdeenshire06/06/2016
Drivers Comments:
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3530A RoadPolice Van3 points, £100 fine27MaleIveco Luton VanWarwickshire06/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Excessive
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7430Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£280 fine £80 victim surcharge 28 day ban20MaleMercedes GLGreater Manchester06/06/2016
Drivers Comments: Judge said he was going to give a 56 day ban but deemed it to harsh
7040A Roadother6 points - £173 fine - £85 costs and £20 victims support (being the victim here, not sure how to reclaim my £20 :-/)56MaleJaguar x-type06/06/2016
Drivers Comments: unmarked black police Volvo car - sucker really, that car is ALWAYS pulling on the A41 in Hertsfordshire :-)
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4030Dual CarriagewayPolice Van4 Points and £415 fine33MaleAudi A5Bedfordshire03/06/2016
Drivers Comments: I pleaded guilty by post and apparently had a 30% reduction in fine... hmm im not so sure
10070MotorwayFixed Camera£550 fine including £120 costs and victim surcharge56MaleBMWKent31/05/2016
Drivers Comments: Despite contesting actual speed conveniently given as 100 but more like 95 was hit with maximum points 6 and fine around a weeks take home pay - disgusted as seen much lower penalties given on TV road police shows
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9250A RoadAverage Speed Camera6 points, £105 fine, £50 court costs.21MalePeugeot 106Derbyshire31/05/2016
Drivers Comments: Pleaded guilty
6050MotorwayFixed Camera6 points and 120pound fine54MaleevoqueBedfordshire18/05/2016
Drivers Comments: speeding in roadworks - late at night and very light traffic/no one working on roadworks
8270Dual CarriagewayPolice VanSpeed awareness course49MaleAMV8Hampshire16/05/2016
Drivers Comments: Fair cop!
4630A RoadSpeed Gun£789 fine, 4 points. Also got done for a under inflated tyre as they took it to court.22MaleVW GolfKent16/05/216
5030A RoadPolice Van3 points, £100 fine18MaleFiat Punto 1.2Greater Manchester16/05/2016
Drivers Comments:
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10770MotorwayPolice Car6 Points, £475 Fine, £85 Court Cost, £48 "Victim Surcharge"30MaleMercedes C Class Coupe 220CDICambridgeshire09/05/2016
Drivers Comments: Southbound down A1, clear sunny day, good conditions. Escaped ban due to previous clean licence. "Chased down" and pulled over by traffic police. Wont be repeating that!
6740Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun£250 fine inc all court costs and victim surcharge and 4 penalty points.29MaleBMWWest Midlands09/05/2016
Drivers Comments: It took 9 months to finally get a decision
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10070MotorwayFixed Camera6 points - £405 fine - £85 costs - £41 "victim" surcharge41MaleMercedesuk22/04/2016
10470MotorwaySpeed Gun6 Points & £537 (first offence) + 1 month disqualification & £508 fine (second offence) - Totting up (2 offences in space of 4 months)25MaleBMW 320d CoupeEssex22/04/2016
Drivers Comments: 1st offence: October 2015, 101mph on dual carriageway - Pleaded guilty by post 2nd offence: June 2015, 104mph Pleaded guilty by post, rejected - had to attend court hearing in Chelmsford Magistrates Court. Judge was very lenient because of extreme hardships which would impact my family, charity works and transport (I live in a remote area). Very lucky to get off with 1 month ban, could have been 6 months!!
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9170MotorwayPolice Car3 points £10038MaleAudi S5Hampshire22/04/2016
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