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          Recent Speeding Fines Given in the UK


Speeding Fines

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Actual costs and bans given to speeders within the UK - Showing speed caught,type of roads, fines and points given.

So where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket. Heres our Live top 10 of the most reports per county...
Position County Listings
1West Yorkshire30
6North Yorkshire21

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years.

By law, the vehicleís registered keeper must be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

New drivers

If youíre still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked (withdrawn) if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

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C L I C K   H E R E   T O   A D D   Y O U R   D E T A I L S
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Speed CaughtSpeed LimitRoad TypeSpeed TrapPunishmentDrivers AgeDrivers SexVehicleCountyDate
7650MotorwayAverage Speed Camera6 points and £490 fine30MaleKia SportageOxfordshire4/13/2018
Drivers Comments: Temporary 50mph on the motorway leaving London
8040Dual CarriagewayPolice CarCourt hearing resulting in 6 points and £450 fine.21MaleRenaultsport Clio 197Staffordshire4/4/2018
5130B RoadPolice Van6 points fine £500 plus victim sur £50 court costs £8539FemaleBMW Mini CooperHampshire4/4/2018
Drivers Comments: Happened nov last year. 5 months later I plead guilty online did not wish to attend court. Wrote my own mitigation letter. Admited guilt. It was a clear day dry conditions good visibilty with low traffic volume. Said sorry and advised I accelerated too much, which i did. First offence in 16 years of driving could have been worse.
4530B RoadPolice VanPoints and maybe fine17MaleNissan NivaraNorthamptonshire3/15/2018
9170MotorwayPolice Van£100 fine & 3 points24MaleAudi A5 QuattroNorth Yorkshire23/02/2018
Drivers Comments: Thought I was looking at 4-6 points and £500+ fine after seeing the April 2017 speeding laws. Got off very lightly considering. First offence and accepted the charge.
9170MotorwayPolice Van£100 fine & 3 points24MaleAudi A5 QuattroNorth Yorkshire2/22/2018
Drivers Comments: Thought I was looking at 4-6 points and £500+ fine after seeing the April 2017 speeding laws. Got off very lightly considering. First offence and accepted the charge.
6030A RoadPolice Car6 points £250 fine27MaleKawaski zx6rMerseyside2/16/2018
Drivers Comments: Not a bad result really could of been worse
7160A RoadFixed CameraSpeed awareness course - £9123MaleSeat LeonCornwall06/02/2018
Drivers Comments: Dual Carriageway turned into a single carriageway, didnít slow down in time, Police van on opposite side of the road.
8660A RoadSpeed GunFour points and £319 fine inc costs which I think is more than fair. Glad I went to court. Very fair Magistrates. Clean licence and no previous. 30MaleVW Golf GT TDINorth Yorkshire2/5/2018
Drivers Comments: Clear day overtaking a van requested a court hearing rather than chancing my arm with the postal sjp procedure
7150MotorwayAverage Speed Camera3 points & £100 fine25MaleNissan 370z nismoGreater Manchester1/31/2018
Drivers Comments: I personally think I got off lucky, however I got caught Christmas day, 4.30am in the morning in pitch black (no central res-ovation lights)
11170MotorwayFixed Camera6 points. £600 fine Plus victim surcharge.41MaleMaserati GhibliSurrey1/24/2018
Drivers Comments: £600 fine. 6 points. Surry police. M25 jct 10-9 . Got sent a SJPN in the post. 5 months and 28 days after the event. Pleaded guilty. Did not wish to attend court. Did not consult a lawyer. Wrote a mitigation letter. Admitted guilt. It was late evening . The motorway was empty. The weather was dry and clear. The motorway had 4 lanes.
4830A RoadFixed CameraConditional offer of fixed penalty 3 points £100 fine48MaleHyundai Santa FeGreater Manchester16/01/2017
11970Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun56 day ban, £375 fine, £130 court costs, £45 victim surcharge33MaleHonda civic type rCheshire15/01/2017
Drivers Comments:
9870MotorwaySpeed Gun6 Points, £900 fine, plus court costs and victim surcharge.36MaleAston Martin VantageCambridgeshire15/01/2017
Drivers Comments: Attended court myself, was polite, wrote an exceptional mitigation letter, but the magistrate said that as I was at the top end of the limit, the maximum penalty must be applied. A note to all, make sure the ticket is filled in correctly by the Police Officer, he had written down my car as a PLG (Public light goods, i.e. minibus) so I could have contested the whole thing, had I been sharper!
8270Dual CarriagewayPolice VanSpeed awareness course cost £9153MaleVauxhall GTCCornwall06/12/2017
Drivers Comments: Fair cop - pleased to be offered course
10270MotorwayFixed Camera6 points £760 fine46MaleAlfa 159tiEssex04/12/2017
Drivers Comments: Went to court with no lawyer, clean Licence for 28years pleaded guilty
8660Dual CarriagewayPolice Car£400 fine, £85 costs, £40 Victim surcharge, 5 points54MaleVauxhall vanSuffolk22/11/2017
Drivers Comments: 86 in a commercial vehicle so a 60 mph speed limit. 86 put me into the higher category (85 would be £100 and 3 points. Got off relatively lightly under the new fine guidance. Plead guilty, be humble and use all the mitigation you can think of.....
3530A RoadFixed Camera3 point £100 fine53MaleLdv mini busBerkshire20/11/2017
Drivers Comments: On m3 and diverted on to a3 didnít know where we were going and following diverted signs it harsh as was traveling with the other traffic they must have made a fortune as the camera was going of like a strobe light
7970Dual CarriagewayPolice VanSpeed awareness course25MaleVauxhall InsigniaHampshire08/11/2017
6960Dual CarriagewaySpeed GunSpeed awareness course69MaleNissan QashqaiMerseyside13/10/2017
Drivers Comments: On A580 East Lancs Road, speed camera hidden over brow of a hill
3930A RoadSpeed Gun3 Points and 100 fine - 2 months after speed awareness course34MaleNissan QashqaiLancashire13/10/2017
Drivers Comments: Genuinely thought road was a 40 - canĎt blame anyone else
4430A RoadSpeed Gun3 points and 100 fine35MaleFord FocusMerseyside13/10/2017
Drivers Comments: You would think Iíd learn my lesson by now. 3 times in less than a year
11070MotorwayPolice Car6 points / £300 & a S59 at the roadside27MaleBMW 540iSurrey11/10/2017
Drivers Comments: Unmarked police car, 105-110mph "bullying other cars out of the way"
4840MotorwayFixed Camera3 POINTS AND FINE56MaleJAGUAR XEWest Yorkshire09/10/2017
Drivers Comments: A64M is the Dual Carriageway passing under Leeds and a clearly signed 40 mph from Armley Roundabout through to York Road - do it many times a month and the car has Camera warning on the satnav - Tail gated by a Mercedes Sprinter Van and to make distance accelerated forgetting the camera - hence why only 48mph - is this worth asking for mitigation?
10170MotorwayFixed Camera£586 (£456 Fine+£85 Costs+£45 victim surcharge. 6 Points. 39MaleBMW 135iKent09/10/2017
Drivers Comments: Had a clean license, it was a clear dry day, 4 empty lanes. No excuse, pleaded guilty online. Didnít get 33% discount for pleading guilty early. Offence was before April when the law changed on speeding fines - now it would have been £228 more. 6.5 months between offence and conclusion.
4930B RoadSpeed Gun£100 fine + 3 points26Malevolkswagon golf RHampshire06/10/2017
Drivers Comments: literaly just got rid of my last 3 points and now have another 5 years to go ! very sneaky speed gun on the b3272, a road where the speed limit changes regularly, I am however relieved the fine wasnít more and the points were 3 and not 6 as others iíve read here have come off far worse.
6430A RoadFixed Camera£690 in total and 6 points.26MaleCorsaSurrey03/10/2017
Drivers Comments: First offence, sent a mitigation letter online, didnít go to court. Very lucky.
9570MotorwayPolice CarChoice of court hearing or accept offer of 3 points and a £100 fine44MaleRange Rover Evoque25/09/2017
Drivers Comments: 1st offence and clean licence. I was an idiot for speeding and I consider myself lucky having got off so lightly. No more speeding for me.
9960A RoadPolice Car6 points - £275 fine46MaleVauxhall insignaAberdeenshire18/08/2017
Drivers Comments: Law was very good was looking a ban
8150MotorwayAverage Speed Camera6 points resulting in revocation, £408 fine payable within 30 days21FemaleVauxhall ComboNorthamptonshire23/08/2017
Drivers Comments: Caught on M1 North Jct 15 - 16 by fixed variable speed camera. Caught doing 81mph in temporary 50mph roadwork zone. Offence committed 11 days before being passed for two years on 11.07.16. Convicted on 3.3.17 and revoked under New Drivers Act.
3730A RoadFixed Camera£100 and 3 points 90MaleMercedesSouth Yorkshire22/08/2017
9350Dual CarriagewayPolice Van6 points. 400 fine 85 costs and 40 victim surcharge39MaleBmw z4Durham14/08/2017
Drivers Comments: Pleaded online guilty. Mitigation focusing on effects on others not myself. No need for expensive solicitor.
5840Dual CarriagewayPolice Car£100 + 3 points.20MaleGolf TDi MK6West Yorkshire07/08/2017
Drivers Comments: Donít speed people, not worth it.
8960A RoadFixed Camera£280 6 points63MaleMotorcycleNorth Yorkshire07/08/2017
4230A RoadPolice VanSpeeding Awareness Course20MaleSeat Ibiza 1.4 SportNorthamptonshire02/08/2017
3830B RoadPolice VanSpeed Awareness Course34Femaleford focus 1.5Nottinghamshire26/07/2017
Drivers Comments: 1st offence in 17yrs driving.
9470Dual CarriagewayPolice Van3 points 100 fine27MaleTriumph sprint st 1050Somerset17/07/2017
Drivers Comments: Very close to court hearing so happy to take the fine, saw the van looking at me but bikes donít have a number plate on front so thought I got away with it, must have spun around and got my reg, was following a white transit van 57 plate at the same speed expect he also got done, possible ban for him
7640Dual CarriagewayPolice Van6 points + £818 fine including 10% victim surcharge and £85 costs.57MaleMercedes SL55Greater Manchester14/07/2017
Drivers Comments: Dual carriageway at the point it branches off to a motorway. Absurd 40mph limit for that area so is a favourite cash machine spot for police vans. Fine weather. Clean licence. 40 years driving experience. First offence. Took 5 months to reach court. The magistrate initially levied a £2,160 fine using the new guidelines that came into force in April 2017. So I had to tell them that they were required by law to use the old guidelines in force at the time of the offence in February 2017 which meant a maximum £1,000 fine. They recalculated it to £1,185 (fine + surcharge + costs) so I then had to tell them that due to my immediate guilty plea that they were also obliged to reduce my fine by a third. Finally settled on the correct total of £818. Shocking that no-one in the court knew the law and guidelines and that I had to educate them myself to save myself £1,342.
6540Dual CarriagewaySpeed GunTotal fine £490 plus 4 points49MaleBMW r1200rGreater London14/07/2017
Drivers Comments: Letter of mitigation and statement of means. Less than expected.
4330B RoadPolice Van3 points £100 Fine.48MaleFord Focus 1.0L 125Lancashire04/07/2017
9270Dual CarriagewaySpeed Gun3 points £100 fine31MaleJaguar XFWest Yorkshire03/07/2017
9270MotorwayFixed Camera3 Points & £100 Fine24MaleBMW 5 SeriesLancashire03/07/2017
Drivers Comments: Counting my lucky stars with this to be fair, with the new laws I thought id be looking at a whole lot worse!
4430A RoadFixed Camera£100 3 points52MaleFord Focus DieselWest Yorkshire03/07/2017
Drivers Comments: Clean licence for 35 years, first offence, no course offered
5640A RoadFixed Camera3 points, £100 fine, no offer of course.47MaleMazda 6 Sport NavEssex27/06/2017
Drivers Comments: Driving for 29 years, first offence, harsh...
9460A RoadPolice Van35 day ban £365 fine19Malehayundai i10North Yorkshire19/06/2017
3630MotorwayFixed Camera100 fine 3 points50MalelorryNottinghamshire19/06/2017
4730A RoadPolice Van4 Points £315 fine35MaleVolkswagen TiguanGwynedd14/06/2017
Drivers Comments: Pleaded guilty and attended court with a solicitor as had existing 6 points. Would advise getting legal representation. Fair result in the end
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6450MotorwayFixed Camera3 points20MaleSeatLancashire08/06/2017
6630B RoadPolice Van 21 Day ban, £686 total to pay. 38MaleBMW Z4 CoupeBuckinghamshire07/06/2017
Drivers Comments:
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11470MotorwayPolice Car56 day ban. £365 fine. 18MaleVW Golf TdiHampshire05/06/2017
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