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Road Signs


Pedestrian Signs

Areas such as shopping streets may be signed as "pedestrian zones". Depending on the extent of the vehicle entry restrictions, such areas may be paved without the usual separation between footway and carriageway and may not have yellow lines and kerb markings to indicate waiting and loading restrictions. Instead restrictions are detailed on zone entry signs and repeater plates. The entry signs may indicate that buses, taxis, disabled badge holders or permit holders may enter the zone. Various examples of zone entry signs are shown below.

All vehicles, including ridden pedal cycles, prohibited. (The hours during which apart-time zone operates will be shown in this panel and exemptions in a lower panel)

The yellow panels indicate that there are waiting restrictions within the zone Signs without yellow panels are used where access may be more restrictive and where waiting restrictions, if any, are indicated by yellow lines within the zone Ridden pedal cycles permitted within the zone. (The hours during which apart-time zone operates will be shown in this panel and exemptions in a lower panel)

Where different entry restrictions apply at different times of the day, and these restrictions are too complicated to show on the zone entry sign, a sign that can change its display (a variable message sign) may be used. It is therefore important always to check the restrictions in force before entering the zone.

Example of a variable message zone entry sign showing alternative displays for the middle panel (exemptions)

Two examples of waiting restriction repeater signs within the zone. (There may be no yellow lines or kerb markings)

At the end of the zone, a "zone ends" sign will be displayed. The prohibitory roundel in the upper panel will be a grey version of the roundel shown on the entry sign

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