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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

Parking Regulations


On-street parking control signsand road markings

Waiting restrictionsLoading restrictionsOn-street parking placesParking zonesRed Routes and Taxi

Controlled parking zones

Entrance to acontrolled parking zone

End of controlled or voucher parking zone
Some areas are designated as controlled parking zones. The entry sign indicates the times when waiting is prohibited. The yellow lines within the zone do not normally have yellow plates indicating the times of the prohibition unless the times are different from those shown onthe entry sign. It is therefore important tonote the times shown when entering the zone.

If there is no lower panel showing days and times, the zone operates at all times. If loading is prohibited at the same time as the waiting prohibition, the entry sign should include the words "No loading"at the bottom of the upper panel. The zone is likely to include parking places and loading bays. Some parking places may be for permit holders only, others for general use.

The times when these operate should be shown on the signs at the bays; the setimes may not be the same as those shown on the zone entry sign. Where the majority of on-street parking within the zone is pay and display, the heading on the entry sign may say "Pay and Display ZONE" instead of "Controlled ZONE".

Other headings might be "Meter ZONE" where there are parking meters, or "Disc ZONE" where a parking disc showing the time of arrival has to be displayed on the vehicle when parking. The entry sign to a pre-paid voucher parking zone includes the voucherlogo.

Sign at a parking bay within a disc zone. Free parking for all vehicles, with a 30-minute time limit from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 6 pm. A parking disc indicating the time of arrival at the parking bay must be displayed in the vehicle Entrance to avoucher parking zone

In some areas, local authorities operate special goods vehicle waiting restrictions. Usually these apply to goods vehicles of over5 or 7.5 tonnes maximum gross weight. Where the same restrictions apply through out a zone, usually overnight, the times are indicated on a zone entry sign. Within the zone there are no yellow lines (unless there are other waiting restrictions applying to all vehicles), but there should be repeater signs on each side ofevery street as a reminder. There are equivalent signs for buses with the bus symbol, and signs that apply to both goods vehicles and buses.

Zone entry Repeater sign indicating the times when waiting by goods vehicles over the maximum gross weight shown is prohibited Zone exit

Restricted parking zones

In some environmentally sensitive areas, where waiting and loading restrictions are uniform, they may be indicated by upright repeater signs, but not yellow lines and kerb marks. These are known as restricted parking zones. The zone entry sign indicates the times when waiting and loading are prohibited. Where parking and loading are permitted, usually in signed bays, this should be indicated on the entry signs. The bays within the zone may be fully marked in the conventional manner or indicated by other means such as a change in surface materials. Upright signs will give details about the use of the bays.

Entrance to a restricted parking zone where both waiting and loading are prohibited during the times shown in the lower panel. The words "No loading" are omitted where loading is not prohibited Entrance to a restricted parking zone where both waiting and loading are prohibited at all times, but where parking and loading bays have been provided. The words "No loading" are omitted where loading is not prohibited

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