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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

Parking Regulations


On-street parking control signsand road markings

Waiting restrictionsLoading restrictionsOn-street parking placesParking zonesRed Routes and Taxi

On-street parking places

On-street parking places may be designated for a particularclass of vehicle (e.g. solo motorcycles) or for a particular user(e.g. permit holders or disabled badge holders). Parking may befree or paid for (e.g. "pay and display" or parking meters). Theremay be a time limit on the period of stay and a minimum timebefore returning to a particular parking place. Some bays may bedesignated for use by more than one class of vehicle or user,either at the same time or at different times during the day.

Bays are generally marked in white, and are either continuous ordivided into individual spaces. They may include words on thecarriageway indicating the use of the bay (e.g. DISABLED). Platesare normally erected adjacent to the carriageway to give details ofthe parking controls. Where a plate does not indicate the days ofthe week, the restrictions apply at the same times on every day,including Sunday. Where the time of day is not shown, thecontrols apply for 24 hours. If a bank holiday falls on a day whenthe controls are in operation, the controls apply in the normal wayunless the plate states that they do not. Special controls mayapply on days when a large event is being held at a nearbystadium or arena; these will also be shown on the plates

Edge of carriageway

Parking bay with individual spaces (parallel to the kerb)

Edge of carriageway

Parking bay with individual spaces (echelon)

Edge of carriageway

Continuous parking bay adjacent to the kerb (words may be added outside the bay to describe the type of parking)

Continuous parking bay in the centre of the carriageway (the wordsare omitted where there is no restriction on the type of user)

Solo motorcycles Motor cars Car and caravan, or motor caravan Goods vehicles

The above signs indicate free on-street parking places reservedat all times, with no time limit, for particular classes of vehicles.Other signs may indicate more specific parking controls.

Free parking for all vehicles from Monday to Saturday between8 am and 7 pm, with a 20-minute time limit(no limit outside those times)
Free parking for motor cars only, from Monday to Saturday between8 am and 7 pm, with a 20-minute time limit Free parking for solo motorcycles only, with aone-hour limit atall times

Parking for disabledbadge holders only, at all times. Older signs may still show the orange badge symbol; these should be replaced by the end of 2009

Parking for permit holders only,at all times Parking for holders of permit "A2" only, from Monday to Saturday between8 am and 6 pm

On-street pay and display parking(the arrow points towards the ticket machine). Days of the week and time periods may be added to indicate when parking must be paid for
Location of ticket machine for on-street pay and display parking Reminder to pay and display at on-street parking place

Pre-paid voucher parking only, from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 6 pm, with a two-hour time limit (lower panel may give details of voucher)

Where parking-place controls do not operate at all times, anyvehicle may park in the bay without payment or time limit unlessother restrictions are indicated on the signs.
The upper panel indicates that waiting is prohibited during the morning and evening peak hours (a single yellow line will run through the bay). The lower panel indicates time-limited parking on Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm. Between 6 pm and 8 am the next day, and all day Sunday, there are no restrictions on parking

Parking bays may be reserved for more than one type of user ľat the same time, at different times, or a combination of both.

The top panel indicates that the parking controls apply from Monday to Saturday. Between 7 am and 8 am, and between 7 pm and 9 pm, the parking bay may be used only by permit holders. Between 8 am and 7 pm, the bay may be used by permit holders with no time limit, or by any other vehicle with a20-minute time limit. At all other times andon Sunday the bay may be used by any vehicle without any time limit

Although vehicles should not generally be parked on verges andfootways (it is unlawful in London and some other cities), this maybe allowed on certain narrow streets where parked vehicleswould not obstruct pedestrians. There are special signs toindicate footway parking. There may also be white bays indicatingwhere parking is permitted. Where there are controls applying tothe parking place, such as pay and display, these should beindicated by separate signs.

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