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Online Parking Appeals

The ability to lodge the Notice of Appeal online is currently only being offered by the following councils.

At present only Notices of Appeal against Penalty Charge Notices in relation to parking contraventions which have prefixes AC, AD, AL, AQ, AT, AV, AX, BB, BE, BF, BG, BH, BI, BM, BN, BQ, BR, BS, BW, CE, CG, CH, CJ, CM, CQ, CT, CX, CY, CY, DE, DH, DI, DJ, DK, DP, DU, EB, EG, EI, EL, EO, EV, EW, FA, FB, FH, FP, FW, FY, FY, GC, GH, GQ, GW, GX, HA, HD, HI, HJ, HV, IC, ID, IW, JV, KB, KH, KL, KO, KQ, KX, LN, LS, LV, MC, MQ, MR, MS, MW, ND, NP, NQ, NU, OD, OL, OX, PA, PD, PE, PL, PP, PR, QC, RC, RF, RJ, RL, RP, RQ, RR, RV, SA, SB, SF, SJ, SN, SQ, SW, SX, SZ, TB, TC, TD, TE, TG, TJ, TN, TQ, TR, TV, TW, TY, UB, UW, VA, WD, WG, WH, WJ, WR, WT, WU, WX, WY, WZ, XD, XQ, XS, YC, YM, YN, YO, YS, YW, ZD, ZF, ZN, ZP, ZW, ZX, and Penalty Charge Notices which have the prefix BB, BH, BN, LV, MC, OB, OX, SQ, TY, in relation to bus lane contraventions, can be lodged online.

If you wish to appeal against the councilís decision you may complete and lodge your Notice of Appeal with the independent parking adjudicator online. Please note that, as part of the process of submitting your appeal on line, you will be required to supply an e-mail address. The tribunal will send all correspondence concerning your appeal by e-mail to the address you have given, rather than by post. You should provide an e-mail address which you check regularly.


In order to appeal to the independent parking adjudicator online you must have received the councilís Notice of Rejection of Representations. Stated on the Notice of Rejection of Representations will be your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

On-screen guidance notes will assist you to complete and transmit the appeal form and you will receive an automatic confirmation email message from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal that your appeal has been received.

If you do not wish to appeal online you should complete the Notice of Appeal and send it through the post to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Whether you submit it electronically or by post, you have twenty-eight days from when you received the council's decision in which to lodge an appeal. Appeals made outside the twenty-eight day deadline can only be submitted by post and you must explain on the form why your appeal is late.

You may appeal against a maximum of five Penalty Charge Notices per online submission. Should you wish to appeal against more than five Penalty Charge Notices you must lodge another appeal online using the same PIN.


Your appeal may be lodged either online or by post. Please do not send the same appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal using both methods.

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