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Medical Rules


What happens after you have told DVLA about your medical condition

When you have informed the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of a medical condition or disability, the medical advisers at DVLA will decide whether or not you can satisfy the national medical guidelines and the requirements of the law. A licence is accordingly issued, revoked or refused.

When you have told DVLA of a medical condition or disability

The medical questionnaire that you use to notify DVLA allows you to provide specific details about your medical condition or disability. The questionnaire also enables you to provide your consent for the DVLA medical advisers to request medical information from your doctor's if this is needed. If at all possible a decision will be made about your driving licence at DVLA. If, however, further information is required, then their medical advisers may:

How long medical enquiries will take

The DVLA aim to complete their enquiries as quickly as possible. The time they take to deal with your particular case will depend on the medical condition you have and the information they need to gather. If the DVLA can make a decision based on the information you originally provided, they aim to make a decision on 97.5% of cases within 15 working days.

If they need more information about your medical condition, either from you, your doctor, or from other sources, or if you are applying for a lorry or bus licence, they aim to make a decision on 80% of cases within 90 working days. If enquiries take longer than the target times set out above, they will write to explain what is happening.

The decision that can be made about your driving licence

Once the medical advisers are satisfied that all the relevant medical information has been made available and they are able to complete their investigation, a decision will be made about your driving licence. The Secretary of State in the person of DVLA's medical advisers alone can make this decision. The decisions that may be made are:

If your driving licence is revoked or refused by the medical adviser at DVLA you will be:

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