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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

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How to renew the tax on your vehicle

The way in which you tax your new or used vehicle for the first time or how you renew your tax on expiry of your existing tax disc will depend on the documentation available to you.

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Tax your vehicle in advance of its due date

How to renew your vehicle tax with a renewal reminder (V11 or V85/1)

From the fifteenth to the end of the month in which the vehicle tax disc expires, DVLA will send you a renewal application form V11 application for a vehicle tax disc or a V85/1 application for a vehicle tax disc for some heavy vehicles. You can use the renewal form to re-tax the vehicle as long as the date from which the vehicle tax is to run, the vehicle details and the taxation class printed on the form are all still correct. The application form will specify the required supporting documentation and the payment of vehicle tax, if needed.

You do not need to show your registration document or certificate when you re-tax the vehicle with a V11 form, unless you have changed your name or address. If you have, the registration document or certificate can be handed in at the place where you tax your vehicle or you can return it to DVLA yourself. You will need to show your registration document or certificate with V85/1.

If taxing at a Post OfficeŽ branch, they will scan the V11 form and return this to you for your records.

How to renew your vehicle tax without a renewal reminder (V11 or V85/1)

If you have not received a tax renewal reminder form or do not have one because you have just purchased the vehicle, you can still tax your vehicle if you have a registration document (V5), registration certificate (V5C) or a new keepers supplement (V5/2 or V5C/2). You will need to fill in a form V10 'application for a vehicle licence', or V85 application for a heavy goods vehicle licence which you can get be download from the vehicle forms link or at Post OfficeŽ branches, DVLA local offices. The application should be accompanied by supporting documentation and the payment for vehicle tax, if required.

If you have a V5/2 or V5C/2 and the tax details shown on it need to be changed, you will need to fill in a V62 'application for a registration certificate (fee applicable) and apply with a V10 or V85 at a DVLA local office. You can get the V62 from Post OfficeŽ branches or DVLA local offices or for download on the vehicles forms link below.

The V5/2 and V5C/2 are valid for two months from the date you purchased the vehicle for taxing purposes.

If you do not have the vehicle tax renewal reminder form because your vehicle is registered as 'not licensed', you should apply on form V10 at a DVLA local office.

How to tax your vehicle if you do not have any documentation

If you have just bought the vehicle and do not have a V5, V5C, V5/2 or V5C/2, you cannot tax your vehicle until you have a registration certificate (V5C) in your name. You can apply for a registration certificate using form V62 (fee applicable). DVLA will aim to deliver the registration certificate within six weeks. When you receive your new registration certificate, you can then tax your vehicle.

If you are the current registered keeper of the vehicle and have no documentation, you may be able to tax it at any DVLA local office. You should complete form V62 (fee applicable) as well as form V10 or V85, and enclose the appropriate rate of vehicle tax and other supporting documentation. If you have changed your name and or address you will need to provide proof of identity with your application. Acceptable evidence is a current driving licence, original bank or building society statement, or a recent utility bill. If your name has changed acceptable evidence is a marriage certificate, decree nisi or absolute or deed poll.

How to tax a brand new vehicle

Most new vehicles should be taxed before you take delivery. If not, ask the dealer to give you the application form V55 so that you can apply to register and tax the vehicle yourself at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) local office.

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