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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

Owning a Vehicle


The DVLA could seriously effect your wealth

Keeping an untaxed vehicle needs to be declared. The DVLA thinks that anyone who does not tax their vehicle has other devious intentions and brands them tax dodgers. It seems we are not allowed to lose our job or have any other reasons why we cant afford to tax the car this month. They have even empoyed a firm called Vinci Park Services UK Ltd who drive round on thier behalf and clamp or tow away any vehcles they can find that have not been taxed and don't have a current SORN declaration on the vehicle.

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Owning a vehicle

Taxation classes

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Untaxed vehicle

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Changes to your registration certificate

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The National Scheme to wheelclamp unlicensed or improperly licensed vehicles was introduced in August 1997 and is operated by Vinci Park Services UK Ltd in partnership with DVLA. In addition, a number of Local Authorities and Police Forces, including all the London Boroughs, operate wheel clamping schemes using powers devolved to them by DVLA.

Release payments are high.........

For clamped vehicles the release penalties are high, 80. In addition a valid vehicle licence must be produced before the vehicle can be recovered. If a licence cannot be produced, a surety (120 for a car or motorcycle, up to 600 for other vehicles) must be paid before the vehicle can be released. The surety payment is forfeited if a valid licence disc is not produced within two weeks. Failure to purchase a valid vehicle licence could mean that the vehicle is clamped again and again.

Towed away and impounded.........

Vehicles will be towed away and impounded if not claimed within 24hrs. For vehicles impounded the release fee increases to 160 and a storage charge of 15 per day is levied. A valid vehicle licence or surety payment is still required.

Disposed of.........

Unclaimed vehicles of no economic value are disposed of by crushing after 7 days. Vehicles of economic value will be disposed after 14 days. Any vehicle of significant value will be resold at auction. In addition, owners of unlicensed vehicles face the prospect of prosecution with fines of up to 1,000 plus the back tax owed and costs.

Between August 1997 and Nov 2004, the scheme has encouraged over 865,000 motorists to voluntarily relicense their vehicles, bringing in 111m in additional revenue. Over 196,000 vehicles have been wheelclamped and about half of these have been crushed. This action has had a direct impact on road safety as the vehicles that have been disposed of were unroadworthy.

DVLA will write to the registered keepers of unlicensed vehicles held in the pound, notifying them that their vehicle will be disposed of unless all fees are paid. Unregistered vehicle keepers will not receive this notification. It is also an offence not to inform DVLA when a vehicle has changed hands. The registration document makes the legal requirements clear to keepers and explains the consequences. Those caught in this way face a further penalty of up to 1,000.
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Voluntary Code of Practice for Private Car Parking Enforcement

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