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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

Owning a Vehicle

Driving and the environmentRelease of information from DVLA recordsAdaptions for disabled driversHow to request information from DVLA recordsWearing a seat belt and exemptions

Driving and the environment

The type of vehicle you use and the way in which you use it can help save you money and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. You can do this through reducing your fuel consumption, buying cleaner vehicles or even converting your vehicle to run on cleaner fuels.

Why you should bother reducing emissions from vehicle

Here are some simple facts about vehicle emissions in the UK that may shock you:

Below are some simple tips on how you can make a difference.

Reduce your fuel consumption

Buy cleaner cars

You could also consider buying a new cleaner car. There are now plenty of manufacturers who sell cleaner cars such as petrol electric hybrids that can travel up to 60 miles or more on a gallon of petrol!

Convert your existing car to run on cleaner fuels

Existing petrol cars can even be converted to run on cleaner fuels such as liquified petroleum gas (LPG, sometimes called autogas). There are around 1300 cleaner fuel, refuelling stations across the UK so you wont be caught short.

Energy Saving Trust energy grant

Visit the Energy Saving Trusts energy grants section for more information on how they can help you with the additional cost of buying a new cleaner car or converting your existing vehicle.

Environmental vehicle tax for lorries and buses

Drivers of certain larger vehicles and buses can help tackle the problem of traffic pollution. They can reduce the cost of paying for vehicle tax when they produce a valid reduced pollution certificate.

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