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Safer Driving


Arrive Alive Road Safety Programme

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is dedicated to influencing young peoples' attitudes towards road safety by providing free presentations to schools, armed forces and young offenders institutions.

The Arrive Alive Road Safety Programme

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is dedicated to influencing young peoples' attitudes towards road safety, learning to drive and passing the driving test.

DSA aims to do this by discussing important road safety issues in an informed environment. The award-winning Arrive Alive Road Safety Programme presentation is delivered to a variety of organisations including schools and colleges, the armed forces, agricultural colleges, youth football teams, probation services, young offenders units and prisons.

DSA provides three different styles and levels of presentations, which are flexible depending upon your needs and the needs of your groups.

Module one - for schools and colleges

The presentation focuses on the vulnerability of the new, young driver, the dangers of drinking and taking drugs when driving, the use of speed and the consequences when it's not used correctly and video footage highlighting the results of road traffic accidents.

The presentation also focuses on hazard awareness and anticipating the actions of other road users, plus we include useful information about both the theory and the practical tests. Interaction and discussion is encouraged throughout the presentation.

Module two - for the armed forces and agricultural colleges

This module expands on the schools and colleges presentation but still addresses important road safety issues relevant to these groups. This presentation is designed to complement the more rigorous training undertaken by the Ministry of Defence.

The presentation also includes information regarding agricultural and specialist vehicles.

Module three - for youth referrals, young offender institutions, prisons and probation services

This is a more forceful module designed to take into account the offenders' age and offence. The presentation includes discussions about the consequences of taking without consent (TWOC) and driving whilst under age.

Effectiveness of the Arrive Alive programme

Currently this road safety message has already reached about 200,000 students over a period of four years.

An independent evaluation of the programme carried out by BITER (The British Institute of Traffic Education Research) confirmed that the overall impact was very positive and the content was relevant to the age group targeted.

For more information about Arrive Alive or to book a presentation please visit the Arrive Alive website - a link to the website can be found in the 'More useful links' section.

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