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Have you ever looked in the car classified ads for that dream Japanese super car and been devastated when you realise that the prices are well above your reach? In which case this article is just for you.

The performance of some of the Japanese big boys such as Nissan and Mitsubishi has made them icons for a large majority of UK motorists. With dream cars such as the Nissan Skyline (see dream cars Nissan Skyline) and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (see dream cars Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) who could blame you for wanting to own an icon. The fact is that some of these cars can cost the earth and mixed with costly performance car insurance premiums have long been out of the reach for the majority of us.

However things are beginning to look a little better for the Japanese manufacturer seeking motorist due to the change in car trends across Japan. Although still in production a lot of the Japanese sports cars are being exported to other countries. This has come about with the increased demand for small more economical cars in Japan in order to reduce the costs associated with running a car and the economically friendly push of the Japanese government. Not only is this good news for the new Japanese car buyer but it means that we are seeing an influx of the amount of second hand cars on the market in Japan.

With this influx of second hand performance cars comes a sharp decrease in the price. This has resulted in thousands of Subaru WRX, Nissan Skylines and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution’s coming onto the market in Japanese auction houses for prices as low as £500. So what are the pro’s and con’s of importing a Japanese motoring legend?


Cost - These machines could save you huge amounts of money even up to 60% on prices that you may be paying on the UK second hand car market.

Selection – These cars are all the rage in Japan and therefore there is a huge selection on offer from all of the major Japanese manufacturers.

Condition – The Japanese look after their cars and have stringent road worthy laws which means that the cars are usually in good condition. It is not uncommon to find low mileage examples with minimal to no rust for very low prices.

Modifications – Due to the huge modification market in Japan a lot of the cars already come with expensive modifications saving you hundreds.


UK registration – the UK registration process can be a lengthy and tricky one with some costs involved.

Shipping – The cost of shipping can increase the cost of your bargain purchase by as much as 100%

Car insurance – Some car insurance companies will charge you an extra large premium for an imported car so be sure to get some performance car insurance quotes before you leave.

Plane ticket – Finally the cost of a plane ticket to Japan could set you back as much as £1000 so be sure to budget this into your cost saving equation.

With all this in mind even with the extra hidden costs associated with travelling to Japan and sourcing your own Japanese import you are still getting a good deal for the money you will pay. However if you are a bit sceptical about overcoming the language barrier and travelling all the way to Japan there are companies in the UK that will do all the hard work for you for a small fee.

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