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Signs for Traffic Diversions

Where, in an emergency, it is necessaryto close a section of motorway or othermain road to traffic, a temporary signmay advise drivers to follow a diversionroute. To help drivers navigate the route,black symbols on yellow patches maybe permanently displayed on existingdirection signs, including motorway signs. On all-purpose roads,the symbols may be used on separate signs with yellowbackgrounds.

The symbol on this sign may be replaced by route numbers

Symbols that may be used to indicate a diversion route

Different symbols are used when several location diversions are in place in one area

Signs incorporating a diversion route symbol that is shown alongside the road number of the route that drivers should follow   Separate signs indicating a diversion route (may be permanently displayed)

Temporary diversion signs may be required when a road is closedfor reasons other than an emergency, e.g. to carry out works.

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