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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

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AerioAerio AWDAerio GAerio G AutomaticAerio PremiumAerio Premium AWDAerio Sedan LXAerio Sedan LX AWDAerio Sedan PremiumAerio Sedan Premium AWDAerio Sedan SAerio SXAerio SX AWDAerio SX PremiumAerio SX Premium AWDAerio XAltoAlto 1.1Alto 1.1 AutomaticAlto 1.1 ClassicAlto 1.1 ClubAlto 1.1 ComfortAlto Twin Cam RS-RAlto WorksAlto Works Twin Cam RS-RBalenoBaleno 1.3 BreakBaleno 1.3 GLBaleno 1.3 GL AutomaticBaleno 1.3 GL HatchbackBaleno 1.3 GL Hatchback AutomaticBaleno 1.6 GLX AutomaticBaleno 1.6 GS HatchbackBaleno 1.8Baleno 1.8 BreakBaleno 1.8 GLX Wagon AutomaticBaleno 1.8 GTXBaleno 1.9 DBaleno 1.9 D BreakBaleno BreakBaleno Break 1.3C2CappuccinoCervoCervo 0.5Cervo 1.0CovieEquator Crew CabEquator Crew Cab SportEquator Crew Cab Sport 4x4Equator Crew Cab Sport LongEquator Extended CabEscudoEsteemEsteem GLXEV SportF1ForenzaForenza ConvenienceForenza LXForenza PremiumForenza SForenza WagonForenza Wagon ConvenienceForenza Wagon EXForenza Wagon LXForenza Wagon PopularForenza Wagon PremiumForenza Wagon SFronteFronte 360Fronte 600Fronte 800Fronte CoupeFronte Coupe GERGrand VitaraGrand Vitara 1.6Grand Vitara 1.6 ClubGrand Vitara 1.9 DDiSGrand Vitara 2.0Grand Vitara 2.0 ClubGrand Vitara 2.0 DGrand Vitara 2.0 TD ClubGrand Vitara 2.0 TD XL-7Grand Vitara 2.0 TD XL-7 ComfortGrand Vitara 2.4Grand Vitara 2.4 AutomaticGrand Vitara 2.5Grand Vitara 2.5 ComfortGrand Vitara 2.5 EXGrand Vitara 2.5 EX 4WDGrand Vitara 2.5 JLXGrand Vitara 2.5 JXGrand Vitara 2.5 LXGrand Vitara 2.5 LX 4WDGrand Vitara 2.5 V6Grand Vitara 2.5 V6 ComfortGrand Vitara 2.7Grand Vitara 2.7 4WDGrand Vitara 2.7 LuxuryGrand Vitara 2.7 Luxury 4WDGrand Vitara 2.7 V6 XL7Grand Vitara 2.7 V6 XL-7 ComfortGrand Vitara 2.7 XL-7Grand Vitara 2.7 XL-7 ClubGrand Vitara 2.7 XL-7 ComfortGrand Vitara 2.7 XL-7 LTDGrand Vitara 2.7 XSportGrand Vitara 2.7 X-SportGrand Vitara 3.2 V6 AutomaticGrand Vitara 4WDGrand Vitara CabrioletGrand Vitara LuxuryGrand Vitara Luxury 2.4LGrand Vitara Luxury 3.2LGrand Vitara Luxury 3.2L 4WDGrand Vitara PremiumGrand Vitara Premium 4WDGrand Vitara XL 7Grand Vitara XSportGrand Vitara XSport 2.4LGrand Vitara XSport 2.4L 4WDGrand Vitara XSport 3.2L 4WDGrand Vitara XSport 4WDGSX R4IgnisIgnis 1.2 DIgnis 1.3Ignis 1.3 ClassicIgnis 1.3 DDiS ClubIgnis 1.5Ignis 1.5 ClubIgnis 1.5 Club SportIgnis 1.5 ComfortIgnis 1.5 Comfort Four GripIgnis 1.5 Four Grip ClubIgnis AutomaticJimnyJimny 0.5Jimny 1.0Jimny 1.3Jimny 1.3 CabrioletJimny 1.3 Cabriolet ClubJimny 1.3 ClubJimny 1.5 DDiSJimny 1.5 DDiS ClubJimny 1.5 DDiS ComfortJimny CabrioletJimny ClassicJimny Classic CabrioletLapinLapin SSLianaLiana 1.3Liana 1.3 ClubLiana 1.3 SedanLiana 1.4 DDiSLiana 1.4 DDiS ComfortLiana 1.5Liana 1.6Liana 1.6 4WDLiana 1.6 4WD AutomaticLiana 1.6 AutomaticLiana 1.6 ComfortLiana 1.6 SedanLiana 1.6 Sedan 4WDLiana 1.6 Sedan 4WD AutomaticLiana 1.6 Sedan AutomaticLiana 2.0Liana Combi 1.3 ClubLiana Combi 1.4 DDiS ComfortLiana Combi 1.6 4WD ComfortLiana Combi 1.6 ComfortLiana Combi 1.6 Comfort 4WDLiana Kombi 1.3 ClubLiana Kombi 1.4 DDiS ComfortLiana Kombi 1.6 AWD ComfortLiana Kombi 1.6 ComfortLight SSLight SS SedanLJ 20LJ 50LJ 50 0.5LJ 50 0.8LJ20LJ-20LJ50RenoReno ConvenienceReno EXReno LuxuryReno LXReno PremiumReno SSamuraiSamurai 1.3iSamurai 1.9 DSamurai 2.0 DSamurai LongSC 100 GXSea Forenza WagonSidekick JXSJ 410SJ 413SJ410SJ413SwiftSwift 1.0Swift 1.2 DSwift 1.3Swift 1.3 4WDSwift 1.3 GLX SedanSwift 1.3i GS CabrioletSwift 1.5Swift 1.5 GLSSwift 1.5 GLS AutomaticSwift 1.5 GLXSwift 1.5 GLX AutomaticSwift 1.5 LSwift 1.6 SportSwift CabrioletSwift GTiSXSX4SX4 1.9SX4 1.9 DDiSSX4 2.0SX4 2.0 AutomaticSX4 2.0 LESX4 2.0 LE PopularSX4 2.0 Sport ConvenienceSX4 2.0 Sport TouringSX4 AWDSX4 Convenience AWDSX4 CrossoverSX4 Crossover AWDSX4 Crossover Convenience AWDSX4 Crossover Touring AWDSX4 Rally AWDSX4 Sport AWDSX4 Sport TechnologySX4 Sport TouringTwinTwin AutomaticVeronaVerona EXVerona LuxuryVerona LXVerona SVitaraVitara 1.6Vitara 1.6 CabrioletVitara 1.6i JLXVitara 1.9 DVitara 1.9 D CabrioletVitara 2.0 DVitara CabrioletVitara JLXVitara V6 LXVitara V6 LX 4WDWagon R+Wagon R+ 1.2Wagon R+ 1.2 DWagon R+ 1.2 GLXWagon R+ 1.2 GLX AutomaticWagon R+ 1.3Wagon R+ 1.3 ClubWagon R+ 1.3 DDiS ClubX2X90X-90XL-6XL7XL-7XL7 AWDXL-7 EXXL-7 EX 4WDXL-7 EX IIIXL7 EX III 4WDXL7 LimitedXL7 Limited AWDXL7 LuxuryXL7 Luxury AWDXL7 LXXL-7 LXXL-7 LX 4WDXL-7 LX IIIXL-7 LX III 4WDXL7 PremiumXL7 Premium AWDXL7 SpecialXL7 Special AWD

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