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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

Please choose the Make of the vehicle for detailed specifications


021 C12 M12 M 1.512 M 1.712 M 150012 M Combi12 M Kombi12m12M G13 150012M Kombi12m Kombi 150017 M17 M 1.817 M 2.017 M 2.317 M 2.617M2000 L2000 L Estate24.7 Wagon42749AerostarAerostar 4.0AngliaAnglia 1.2Anglia 105 EAnglia EstateAnglia TorinoArtic Explorer Sport TracAspireBantam 1.3iBantam 1.3i XLBantam 1.3i XLTBantam 1.6iBantam 1.6i XLBantam 1.6i XLEBantam 1.6i XLTBantam 1.8 DiBroncoBronco 5.8Bronco IIC 100C MaxCapriCapri 1.3Capri 1.6Capri 1.6 TurboCapri 116ECapri 1300 GTCapri 1500Capri 1600 GTCapri 1600 LCapri 1600 LSCapri 1600 SCapri 1700 GTCapri 2.0 LaserCapri 2.3Capri 2.8Capri 2.8 InjectionCapri 2.8i SpecialCapri 2000 SCapri 2300 GTCapri 2600Capri 2600 GTCapri 2600 RSCapri 3000 ECapri 3000 S X-PackCapri IICapri II 1.3Capri II 1.6Capri II 2.0Capri II 3.0Capri IIICapri III 1.3Capri III 1.6Capri III 2.0Capri III 2.3Capri III 2.8Capri III 3.0Capri SCapri Tickford TurboC-MaxC-Max 1.6C-MAX 1.6 AmbienteC-Max 1.6 DC-MAX 1.6 TDCi AmbienteC-MAX 1.6 Ti-VCT AmbienteC-MAX 1.8 TDCi AmbienteC-MAX 1.8 TrendC-Max 2.0C-Max 2.0 DC-Max 2.0 TDCi TrendC-MAX 2.0 TrendCoinConsulConsul 1.7Consul 1500Consul 1700Consul ClassicConsul CortinaContourContour 2.5Contour 2.5 ClipperContour ClipperContour SVTCorsairCorsair 1.7Corsair 1.7 V4Corsair 2.0Corsair 2.4CortinaCortina 1.3Cortina 1.3 EstateCortina 1.5Cortina 1.6Cortina 1.6 Super EstateCortina 1300Cortina 1300 EstateCortina 1600Cortina 1600 EstateCortina 1600 GhiaCortina 1600 Ghia EstateCortina 1600 GLCortina 1600 GL EstateCortina 1600 GTCortina 1600 LSCortina 1600 LS EstateCortina 2.0Cortina 2.0 EstateCortina 2.3Cortina 2000 GLCortina 2000 GTCortina 2300 GLCortina 3.3Cortina 4.1CougarCougar 2.0iCougar 2.5Cougar 2.5 V6Cougar 4.9CourierCourier 1.8 DCourier 1800CrestlineCrestline 3.9Crestline 4.5Crown 4.9 VictoriaCrown 5.8 VictoriaCrown VictoriaCrown Victoria LXCrown Victoria LX SportCrown Victoria Natural GasCrown Victoria NGVCrown Victoria StandardCustomDesert ExcursionE-150E-150 ChateauE-150 ExtendedE-150 VanE-150 XLE-150 XLTE-150 XLT WagonE-250E-250 ExtendedE-250 VanE-250 Van ExtendedE-350 Chateau Super DutyE-350 Super DutyE-350 Super Duty ExtendedE-350 Super Duty VanE-350 XL Super DutyE-350 XLT Super DutyE-350 XLT Super Duty ExtendedEconolineEconoline 4.6Econoline 5.4Econoline 6.8Econoline 7.3 DEconovanEconovan 2.0EdgeEdge LimitedEdge Limited AWDEdge SEEdge SE AWDEdge SELEdge SEL AWDEdge SEL PlusEdge SEL Plus AWDEdge Sporte-KaEquatorEscapeEscape 3.0Escape HybridEscape Hybrid 4WDEscape Hybrid LimitedEscape Hybrid Limited 4x4Escape LimitedEscape Limited 4WDEscape Limited 4WD V6Escape Limited 4x4Escape Limited FWDEscape Limited FWD V6Escape XLSEscape XLS 4WDEscape XLS 4WD AutomaticEscape XLS 4x4Escape XLS AutomaticEscape XLTEscape XLT 2.3Escape XLT 2.3 4WDEscape XLT 3.0Escape XLT 3.0 4WDEscape XLT 3.0 SportEscape XLT 3.0 Sport 4WDEscape XLT 4WDEscape XLT 4WD V6Escape XLT SportEscape XLT Sport 4x4Escape XLT V6EscortEscort 1.1Escort 1.1 CEscort 1.1 C EstateEscort 1.1 EstateEscort 1.1 Station WagonEscort 1.1 TurnierEscort 1.3Escort 1.3 GLEscort 1.3 LEstateEscort 1.3 Station WagonEscort 1.3 TurnierEscort 1.4Escort 1.4 LEscort 1.4 L EstateEscort 1.4iEscort 1.6Escort 1.6 CabrioletEscort 1.6 ClipperEscort 1.6 DEscort 1.6 D WagonEscort 1.6 GLEscort 1.6 GL EstateEscort 1.6 GL Estate GL AutomaticEscort 1.6 LEscort 1.6 LXEscort 1.6 TurnierEscort 1.8Escort 1.8 CabrioletEscort 1.8 ClipperEscort 1.8 DEscort 1.8 D ClipperEscort 1.8 D WagonEscort 1.8 DieselEscort 1.8 Estate DieselEscort 1.8iEscort 1.8i EstateEscort 1100Escort 1100 EstateEscort 1100 PopularEscort 1100 SaloonEscort 1300Escort 1300 EstateEscort 1300 GTEscort 1300 SportEscort 1600Escort 1600 GhiaEscort 2.0Escort 2.0 TurnierEscort 940Escort CabrioletEscort ClipperEscort DieselEscort Estate DieselEscort MexicoEscort RS 1600Escort RS 1800Escort RS 2000Escort RS CosworthEscort RS TurboEscort Station WagonEscort TurnierEscort WagonEscort XR3Escort XR3iEscort ZX 2Escort ZX 2 SportEXExcursionExcursion 4x4 Eddie Bauer 6.0Excursion 4x4 Eddie Bauer 6.8Excursion 4x4 Limited 6.0Excursion 4x4 Limited 6.8Excursion 4x4 XLS 5.4Excursion 4x4 XLT 5.4Excursion 4x4 XLT 6.8Excursion 6.0 DExcursion 6.8Excursion 7.3 DExcursion Eddie Bauer 5.4Excursion Eddie Bauer 6.8Excursion Limited 5.4Excursion XLS 6.8Excursion XLT 6.0Excursion XLT 6.8ExpeditionExpedition 5.4Expedition Eddie BauerExpedition Eddie Bauer 4.6Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 4x4Expedition EL XLTExpedition EL XLT 4x4Expedition King RanchExpedition LimitedExpedition NBX 4x4Expedition XLSExpedition XLS 4x4Expedition XLTExpedition XLT 4.6 4x4Expedition XLT 4.6 SportExpedition XLT 4x4Expedition XLT 5.4Expedition XLT 5.4 4x4Expedition XLT 5.4 4x4 NBXExpedition XLT 5.4 4x4 SportExpedition XLT 5.4 SportExpedition XLT SportExpedition XLT Sport 4x4ExplorerExplorer 4.0Explorer 4.0 Sport TrackExplorer 4.6Explorer 4.6 XLT 4x4Explorer 4.8Explorer 4.9Explorer AWD Eddie Bauer 4.0LExplorer AWD Limited 4.0LExplorer AWD XLT 4.0LExplorer AWD XLT 4.6LExplorer AWD XLT Sport 4.6Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 4x4Explorer Limited 4.0Explorer Limited 4.0 4x4Explorer Limited 4.0LExplorer Limited 4.6Explorer Sport TracExplorer Sport Trac 4x4 XLT PremiumExplorer Sport Trac XLTExplorer Sport TrackExplorer XLTExplorer XLT 4.6LExtreme EXFF 150F 150 4.6F 150 5.4F 250F 250 6.8F 250 7.3 DF150F-150F-150 Heritage Regular Cab XLF150 Heritage SuperCab 4x4F-150 LightningF-150 Lightning RodF-150 Regular CabF-150 Regular Cab 4x4F-150 Series LariatF-150 Super CabF-150 Super Cab 4x4F-150 SuperCabF-150 SuperCab 4x4F-150 SuperCrewF-150 SuperCrew 4x4F-150 SVT Lightning PickupF-250F250 5.4F-250 Double Cab TD 4x4F-250 SD Crew Cab 4x4 LariatF-250 SD Regular CabF-250 SD Single CabF-250 SD SuperCabF-250 Single CabF-250 Single Cab 4x4F-350 SD Crew CabF-350 SD Crew Cab 4x4F350 SD Regular CabF-350 SD Regular CabF-350 SD SuperCabF-350 SD SuperCab 4x4F-450F-450 SD Crew CabF-650F-650 Super CrewFairlaneFairlane 3.9Fairlane 4.0Fairlane 4.1Fairlane 4.9Fairlane 5.8Fairlane 500Fairlane 6.4Fairlane 6.6Fairlane RetractableFalconFalcon 3.9Falcon 4.0Falcon 4.0 AutomaticFalcon 4.1Falcon 4.9Falcon 5.8Falcon Fairmont 4.0 AutomaticFalcon Futura Wagon 4.0 AutomaticFalcon GTFalcon XR 6Falcon XR 6 VCTFalcon XR 8Falcon XR 8 AutomaticFalcon XR8 AU IIFestivaFestiva 1.3FiestaFiesta 1.0Fiesta 1.1Fiesta 1.25Fiesta 1.3Fiesta 1.3 Endura E BudgetFiesta 1.3i FliteFiesta 1.4Fiesta 1.4 TDCiFiesta 1.4 TrendFiesta 1.4i TrendFiesta 1.4i Zetec SE TrendFiesta 1.6Fiesta 1.6 AmbienteFiesta 1.6 Ambiente AutomaticFiesta 1.6 DFiesta 1.6 DieselFiesta 1.6 GhiaFiesta 1.6 SiFiesta 1.6 TDCiFiesta 1.6 TDCi AmbienteFiesta 1.6 TDCi EconeticFiesta 1.6 TDCi TrendFiesta 1.6 TDCi Viva XFiesta 1.6 Ti-VCTFiesta 1.6 TrendFiesta 1.6i ForteFiesta 1.6i GhiaFiesta 1.6i TrendFiesta 1.6i Zetec SportFiesta 1.8Fiesta 1.8 DFiesta 1100 GhiaFiesta 1400 GhiaFiesta 2.0 STFiesta 2.0i STFiesta 950 PopularFiesta FlairFiesta Flair 1.3iFiesta Flair 1.6iFiesta PlayFiesta RS 1800Fiesta RS TurboFiesta SFiesta STFiesta TDCiFiesta XR2Fiesta XR2iFiesta Zetec SFive HundredFive Hundred CVTFive Hundred CVT AWDFive Hundred LimitedFive Hundred Limited AWDFive Hundred SEFive Hundred SE AWDFive Hundred SELFive Hundred SEL AWDFive-HundredFlexFlex LimitedFlex Limited AWDFlex SEFlex SELFlex SEL AWDFocusFocus 1.4Focus 1.4 16V AmbienteFocus 1.4 16V TrendFocus 1.4 AmbienteFocus 1.4 TrendFocus 1.4 Turnier AmbienteFocus 1.4 VivaFocus 1.4 Zetec SEFocus 1.4 Zetec SE EstateFocus 1.6Focus 1.6 16V TrendFocus 1.6 AmbienteFocus 1.6 AutomaticFocus 1.6 ClipperFocus 1.6 Coupe CabrioletFocus 1.6 D Station WagonFocus 1.6 SiFocus 1.6 Si HatchFocus 1.6 Station WagonFocus 1.6 TDCiFocus 1.6 TDCi TrendFocus 1.6 Ti-VCT TrendFocus 1.6 TrendFocus 1.6 Trend SedanFocus 1.6 VivaFocus 1.6 Zetec SE EstateFocus 1.8Focus 1.8 16VFocus 1.8 DieselFocus 1.8 Diesel EstateFocus 1.8 TDCi AmbienteFocus 1.8 TDCi TrendFocus 1.8 TDCi TurnierFocus 1.8 TDCi Turnier VivaFocus 1.8 TDCi VivaFocus 1.8 TDDi Turnier VivaFocus 1.8 TDDi VivaFocus 1.8 Turnier VivaFocus 1.8 VivaFocus 1.8 Zetec-EFocus 1.8 Zetec-E EstateFocus 2.0Focus 2.0 16V TrendFocus 2.0 ClipperFocus 2.0 CoupeFocus 2.0 Coupe CabrioletFocus 2.0 DFocus 2.0 D ClipperFocus 2.0 D Station WagonFocus 2.0 RSFocus 2.0 SFocus 2.0 S CoupeFocus 2.0 SEFocus 2.0 SE CoupeFocus 2.0 SELFocus 2.0 SESFocus 2.0 SES CoupeFocus 2.0 SiFocus 2.0 Si AutomaticFocus 2.0 Si HatchFocus 2.0 ST 170Focus 2.0 ST 170 TurnierFocus 2.0 Station WagonFocus 2.0 TDCIFocus 2.0 TDCi Coupe CabrioletFocus 2.0 TDCi GhiaFocus 2.0 TDCi HatchFocus 2.0 TDCI SIFocus 2.0 TDCi TrendFocus 2.0 TDCi Trend AutomaticFocus 2.0 TrendFocus 2.0 Trend AutomaticFocus 2.0 Turnier VivaFocus 2.0 VivaFocus 2.0 WagonFocus 2.0 Zetec EFocus 2.3Focus 2.3 WagonFocus 2.5 RSFocus 2.5 STFocus ClipperFocus C-Max 1.6 AmbienteFocus C-Max 1.6 TDCi AmbienteFocus C-Max 1.6 Ti-VCT AmbienteFocus C-Max 1.8Focus C-MAX 1.8 DuratecFocus C-Max 1.8 TDCi AmbienteFocus C-MAX 1.8 TrendFocus C-Max 1.8L DuratecFocus C-Max 2.0 TDCi TrendFocus C-MAX 2.0 TrendFocus Estate 1.4Focus Estate 1.6Focus Estate 1.6 TDCIFocus Estate 2.0Focus FR 200Focus RSFocus SE SedanFocus SE WagonFocus STFocus ST 170Focus ST 170 TurnierFocus ST 2.5Focus Station WagonFocus SVTFocus Turnier 1.4 AmbienteFocus Turnier 1.6 AmbienteFocus Turnier 1.6 TDCiFocus Turnier 1.6 TDCi AmbienteFocus Turnier 1.6 Ti-VCT TrendFocus Turnier 1.8 TDCi AmbienteFocus Turnier 2.0 TDCiFocus Turnier 2.0 TDCi TrendFocus Turnier 2.0 TrendFocus WagonFocus ZTSFocus ZX 5 PremiumFocus ZX3 ComfortFocus ZX3 SFocus ZX3 SEFocus ZX3 SESFocus ZX4 2.2 STFocus ZX4 SFocus ZX4 SEFocus ZX4 SESFocus ZX5Focus ZX5 SFocus ZX5 SEFocus ZX5 SESFocus ZXW SEFPV BF GTFreestarFreestar CargoFreestar Cargo VanFreestar Wagon LimitedFreestar Wagon SFreestar Wagon SEFreestar Wagon SELFreestar Wagon SESFreestyleFreestyle 3.0Freestyle LimitedFreestyle Limited 4WDFreestyle Limited AWDFreestyle SEFreestyle SE AWDFreestyle SELFreestyle SEL AWDFusionFusion 1.25 AmbienteFusion 1.4 AmbienteFusion 1.4 TDCi AmbienteFusion 1.6 AmbienteFusion 1.6 TDCi AmbienteFusion 2.2 SEFusion 2.2 SELFusion 2.3 I4 SFusion 2.3 I4 SEFusion 2.3 I4 SELFusion 2.3 SFusion 3.0 SEFusion 3.0 SEL 4WDFusion 3.0 V6 SEFusion 3.0 V6 SELFusion AmbienteFusion SFusion SEFusion SELFusion V6 SEFusion V6 SE 4WDFusion V6 SELFusion V6 SEL 4WDFusion V6 SEL AWDGalaxieGalaxie 5.4Galaxie 5.8Galaxie SkylinerGalaxyGalaxy 1.0 TDi AmbienteGalaxy 1.9 DGalaxy 1.9 TDI AmbienteGalaxy 1.9 TDI TrendGalaxy 1.9 TDI VivaGalaxy 2.0Galaxy 2.0 AmbienteGalaxy 2.0 VivaGalaxy 2.2 AmbienteGalaxy 2.3Galaxy 2.3 16V AmbienteGalaxy 2.3 AmbienteGalaxy 2.3 VivaGalaxy 2.8Galaxy 2.8 CD V6 VivaGalaxy 2.8 TrendGalaxy 2.8 V6 TrendGalaxy 500 HardtopGalaxy AmbienteGalaxy TDI AmbienteGalaxy TDI TrendGalaxy V6 GhiaGran Torino HardtopGran Torino SedanGran Torino SportGran Torino SquireGran Torino Station WagonGranadaGranada 2.0 MK IIGranada 2.0 MK IIIGranada 2.0 MK III Station WagonGranada 2.0iGranada 2.0i EstateGranada 2.1 DieselGranada 2.3 DieselGranada 2.3 MK IIGranada 2.3 MK IIIGranada 2.3 MK III Station WagonGranada 2.4i GhiaGranada 2.5 D MK IIIGranada 2.5 D MK III Station WagonGranada 2.5 GL Turbo Diesel SaloonGranada 2.8 MK IIGranada 2.8 MK IIIGranada 2.8 MK III Station WagonGranada 2.8iGranada 2.9i GhiaGranada 2000 EstateGranada 2600Granada 2800 Ghia SGranada 2800i GhiaGranada 2800i GLS EstateGranada 3.0 GL EstateGranada 4.1Granada 4.2Granada 4.9Granada 5.8Granada MK IIGranada MK II Station WagonGranada MK IIIGranada MK III Station WagonGranada Saloon AutomaticGranada Scorpio 4x4Granada Scorpio CosworthGTGT 40GT 40 ConceptGT 40 Mk IIGT 40 Mk IIIGT 40 Mk IVGT 500GT 70GT CoupeHusky 2000 BusIkonIkon 1.3iIkon 1.3i LIkon 1.3i LXIkon 1.3iLIkon 1.4 TDCi TrendIkon 1.6 TrendIkon 1.6iIkon 1.6i CLXIkon 1.6i LXIndigoKaKa 1.2Ka 1.3Ka 1.3 AmbienteKa 1.3 CollectionKa 1.3 RoyalKa 1.3 TDCiKa 1.6Ka 1.6 SportkaKa 1.6 StreetkaKa 2Ka CollectionKa Grand PrixKa RoyalKa SportkaKa StreetkaKuga 2.0 TDCiLaserLaser 1.5Laser 1.6Laser 1.8Laser 2.0LibreLimited WagonLotus CortinaLTDLTD II S HardtopLTD SedanLynxMaverickMaverick 2.0i 16V HighclassMaverick 2.0i HighclassMaverick 2.3Maverick 2.3 HighclassMaverick 2.7 DMaverick 2.7 TD GLX 4x4Maverick 2.8Maverick 3.0 V6 LimitedMaverick 3.0i V6 LimitedMaverick 3.3Maverick 4.1Maverick 4.9Maverick V6 LimitedMegastar IIMeteorMeteor 1.5Meteor 1.6Model UMonarchMonarch 5.0MondeoMondeo 1.6 LXMondeo 1.6 LX EstateMondeo 1.8Mondeo 1.8 AmbienteMondeo 1.8 ClipperMondeo 1.8 EstateMondeo 1.8 LXMondeo 1.8 LX EstateMondeo 1.8 SCi AmbienteMondeo 1.8 SCi Turnier AmbienteMondeo 1.8 Turnier AmbienteMondeo 2.0Mondeo 2.0 AmbienteMondeo 2.0 ClipperMondeo 2.0 GhiaMondeo 2.0 TDCiMondeo 2.0 TDCi AmbienteMondeo 2.0 TDCi TurnierMondeo 2.0 TDCi Turnier AmbienteMondeo 2.0 TDDi AmbienteMondeo 2.0 TDDi Turnier AmbienteMondeo 2.0 TurbodieselMondeo 2.0 Turbodiesel EstateMondeo 2.0 Turnier AmbienteMondeo 2.2 D ClipperMondeo 2.2 TDCi AmbienteMondeo 2.3 DuratecMondeo 2.3 TurnierMondeo 2.3l DuratecMondeo 2.5Mondeo 2.5 ClipperMondeo 2.5 TrendMondeo 2.5 Turnier TrendMondeo 2.5 V6Mondeo 2.5 V6 TrendMondeo 2.5 V6 Turnier TrendMondeo 3.0 ClipperMondeo 3.0 ST 220Mondeo 3.0 ST 220 TurnierMondeo 3.0 TrendMondeo 3.0 V6 ST 220Mondeo 3.0 V6 TrendMondeo ClipperMondeo EstateMondeo ST 200Mondeo ST 220Mondeo ST 220 TurnierMondeo ST-220Mondeo ST-220 TurnierMustangMustang 2.3Mustang 2.8Mustang 3.3Mustang 3.8Mustang 4.3Mustang 4.6Mustang 4.7Mustang 4.9Mustang BossMustang Boss 351Mustang BullittMustang Bullitt GTMustang California Special GSMustang Cobra JetMustang Cobra RMustang ConvertibleMustang CoupeMustang Deluxe ConvertibleMustang Deluxe CoupeMustang GTMustang GT 500Mustang GT AutomaticMustang GT ConceptMustang GT Concept ConvertibleMustang GT ConvertibleMustang GT CoupeMustang GT Deluxe ConvertibleMustang GT Deluxe CoupeMustang GT Premium ConvertibleMustang GT Premium CoupeMustang GTRMustang Mach 1Mustang Mach 1 289Mustang Mach 1 302Mustang Mach 1 351Mustang Mach 1 AutomaticMustang Premium ConvertibleMustang Premium CoupeMustang QMustang S 281Mustang Saleen S 281Mustang SRMustang Super StallionMustang SVOMustang V6Mustang V6 AutomaticMustang V6 ConvertibleMustang V6 CoupeMustang V6 Deluxe ConvertibleMustang V6 Deluxe CoupeMustang V6 Premium ConvertibleMustang V6 Premium CoupeMustang V6 Standard ConvertibleMustang V6 Standard CoupeO21 COrionOrion 1.3Orion 1.3 GLOrion 1.4Orion 1.6Orion 1.6 DieselOrion 1.6 L AutomaticOrion 1.6i GhiaOrion 1.8Orion 1.8 DieselOrion DieselPilotPopularPrefectPrefect 105 EProbeProbe 2.2Probe 2.5Probe GTProbe IIIProbe LXProbe SEPumaPuma 1.7Racing PumaRancheroRanchero 4000 AutomaticRangerRanger 1.8 XLRanger 1800Ranger 1800 Long XLRanger 1800 XLRanger 2.2 XLRanger 2.3Ranger 2.5 DRanger 2.5 D XLRanger 2.5 TDRanger 2.5 TD Double Cab XLTRanger 2.5 TD Double Cab XLT 4x4Ranger 2.5 TD Single Cab MontanaRanger 2.5 TD Super Cab XL 4x4Ranger 2.5 TD Super Cab XLTRanger 2.5 TD XLRanger 2.5 TDCiRanger 2200 XLRanger 2500 D XLRanger 2500 TD D-Cab XLT 4x4Ranger 2500 TD Double Cab XLTRanger 2500 TD Double Cab XLT 4x4Ranger 2500 TD Super Cab XL 4x4Ranger 3.0Ranger 3.0 Regular CabRanger 3.0 Regular Cab 4x4Ranger 3.0 Super CabRanger 4.0Ranger 4.0 Double Cab XLE 4X4 AutomaticRanger 4.0 Double Cab XLE AutomaticRanger 4.0 Super Cab 4x4Ranger 4.0 V6 Double Cab XLE 4x4Ranger 4.0 V6 XLT Super Cab 4x4Ranger 4000 Super Cab 4x4Ranger EdgeRanger MontanaRanger Montana 4x4Ranger Regular CabRanger Regular Cab 4x4Ranger Single CabRanger Super CabRanger Super Cab 4x4Royale StationRS 200SaettaScorpioScorpio 2.0iScorpio 2.3Scorpio 2.3 ClipperScorpio 2.5 DScorpio 2.5 D ClipperScorpio 2.9Scorpio 2.9 ClipperScorpio ClipperShelby GR1Shelby GR-1 ConceptShelby GT 500Shelby GT 500 ConvertibleShelby GT 500 CoupeShelby GT500 ConvertibleShelby GT500 CoupeSierraSierra 1.3Sierra 1.6 EstateSierra 1.6 GhiaSierra 1.8Sierra 1.8 DSierra 1.8 D WagonSierra 2.0Sierra 2.0 GhiaSierra 2.0 WagonSierra 2.0iSierra 2.0i Twin Cam Station WagonSierra 2.0i Twin Cam Station Wagon GhiaSierra 2.3Sierra 2.3 DSierra 2.3 D WagonSierra 2.3 GL AutomaticSierra 2.3 WagonSierra 2.8Sierra 2.9Sierra 2300 GL DieselSierra 2300 GL Diesel EstateSierra Cosworth RS500Sierra RS CosworthSierra Sapphire 2.0i XR Twin CamSierra Sapphire 2000 ESierra Sapphire RS CosworthSierra WagonSierra XR 4iSierra XR 4x4SkylinerS-MaxS-Max 2.0S-Max 2.0 TDCiS-Max 2.5SportkaST 460Station WagonStreetkaStreetka 1.6SVT FocusSVT Mustang Cobra ConvertibleSVT Mustang Cobra CoupeSynergy 2010TaunusTaunus 1.3Taunus 1.3 Station WagonTaunus 1.3 TurnierTaunus 1.6Taunus 1.6 TurnierTaunus 1.8 17MTaunus 12 MTaunus 1200Taunus 12MTaunus 17 MTaunus 2.0Taunus 2.0 TurnierTaunus 2.3Taunus 2.3 TurnierTaunus 20 MTaunus Station WagonTaunus TurnierTaurusTaurus 2.5 WagonTaurus 3.0Taurus 3.4Taurus 3.8 WagonTaurus LimitedTaurus Limited AWDTaurus LXTaurus SETaurus SE SedanTaurus SELTaurus SEL AWDTaurus SEL SedanTaurus SEL WagonTaurus SES Sedan DuratecTaurus SHOTaurus WagonTaurus Wagon 2.5Taurus XTaurus X Eddie BauerTaurus X Eddie Bauer 4x4Taurus X LimitedTaurus X Limited 4WDTaurus X Limited AWDTaurus X SELTaurus X SEL AWDTE-50TelstarTempoTempo 2.3Tempo 2300Tempo 3.0Tempo DieselTerritory 4.0 Ghia AutomaticTerritory 4.0 Ghia Automatic 4WDTerritory 4.0 ST Automatic 4WDTerritory 4.0 TX AutomaticThinkThink NeighborThunderbirdThunderbird 4.6Thunderbird 4.8Thunderbird 4.9Thunderbird 5.1Thunderbird 6.6Thunderbird 7.0Thunderbird DeluxeThunderbird HardtopThunderbird Pacific Coast RoadsterThunderbird PremiumThunderbird SCThunderbird TurboThunderbird V6Thunderbird V8TL-50TonkaTorino 4.1Torino 6.6Torino HardtopTorino Hardtop AutomaticTorino SedanTorino Station WagonTorino Station Wagon AutomaticTracerTracer 1.3Tracer 1.6Transit 1.8 ConnectTransit 1.8 D ConnectTransit ConnectTritonTS-50Urban ExplorerVan E-150Van E-250Van E-250 ExtendedVan E-350 Super DutyVan E-350 Super Duty ExtendedVedetteVersaillesWagon E-150 ChateauWagon E-150 XLWagon E-150 XLTWagon E-350 XL Super DutyWind StarWindstarWindstar 3.8XR 8 XplodZephyrZephyr 2.0 V4Zephyr 2.2Zephyr 2.5Zephyr 2.6Zephyr 2.6 V6Zephyr 2600Zephyr 3.0ZodiacZX 2ZX2 AutomaticZX2 NR

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