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Legal guide to UK motoring, sections for law enforcement, Driver licensing, learner and new drivers, buying and selling, speeding fines, owning a vehicle, wheel clamping, traffic information.

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2103AdventureAerovetteAleroAPVAPV 3.1AstroAstro 4.3 VanAstro Passenger VanAstro VanAstrovetteAvalancheAvalanche 1500Avalanche 1500 4WDAvalanche 2500 4WDAvalanche LSAvalanche LS 4WDAvalanche LS AWDAvalanche LT 1500 4WDAvalanche LT1Avalanche LT1 4WDAvalanche LT2Avalanche LT2 4WDAvalanche LT2 AWDAvalanche LT3Avalanche LT3 4WDAvalanche LTZAvalanche LTZ 2500 4WDAvalanche LTZ 4WDAveoAveo 1.2Aveo 1.2 LSAveo 1.4 LTAveo 1.5 HatchAveo 1.5 LAveo 1.5 LSAveo 1.5 LS HatchAveo 1.5 LTAveo 1.5 LT HatchAveo 1.6Aveo 1.6 L HatchAveo 1.6 LSAveo 1.6 LS Automatic HatchAveo 1.6 LS HatchAveo 1.6 LS SedanAveo 1.6 LS WagonAveo 1.6 LTAveo 1.6 LT HatchAveo 1.6 LT SedanAveo 1.6 LT WagonAveo 1.6 SedanAveo 1.6 Sedan SpecialAveo 1.6 WagonAveo Hatch 1.5Aveo Hatch 1.5 LSAveo Hatch 1.5 LTAveo LS SedanAveo LS WagonAveo LT SedanAveo LT WagonAveo SedanAveo WagonAveo5Bel AirBel Air 4.3Bel Air 4.6Bel Air Delray BiscayneBel Air Delray Biscayne 4.6Bel Air Delray Biscayne 5.7Bel Air NomadBel Air Nomad 4.6Bel Air4.3BelAir Delray BiscayneBerettaBeretta 2.2Beretta 2.3Beretta 2.8Beretta 3.1Beretta GTBeretta GTZBiscayneBiscayne AutomaticBlazerBlazer 2.5 S10Blazer 2.5 S-10Blazer 2.8 S10Blazer 4.1Blazer 4.3Blazer 4.3 S10Blazer 4.3 S-10Blazer 4WD LSBlazer 5.0Blazer 5.7Blazer 6.2 DBlazer 6.6Blazer LSBlazer LS 4x4 AutomaticBlazer LT 4x4Blazer LT 4x4 AutomaticBlazer S 10Blazer S10Blazer S-10Blazer XTBlazer XtremeC-10CamaroCamaro 2.8Camaro 3.4Camaro 3.8Camaro 3.8 CabrioletCamaro 5.0Camaro 5.1Camaro 5.7Camaro 5.7 CabrioletCamaro 5.8Camaro C8Camaro CabrioletCamaro CaliforniaCamaro CoupeCamaro IROC ZCamaro SSCamaro Z 28Camaro Z 28 SSCamaro Z28Camaro ZL 1CapriceCaprice 4.3Caprice 4.4Caprice 5.0Caprice 5.0 WagonCaprice 5.7Caprice 5.7 D WagonCaprice 5.7 WagonCaprice 7.0Caprice ClassicCaprice Police ModelCaprice WagonCaptiva 2.0 DCaptiva 2.0 D LTZ 4x4Captiva 2.0 LTCaptiva 2.0D LTZ 4x4Captiva 2.4Captiva 2.4 LSCaptiva 2.4 LTCaptiva 2.4 LT 4x4Captiva 3.2Captiva 3.2 LTCaptiva 3.2 LTZ AutomaticCavalierCavalier 2.4Cavalier 2.4 CabrioletCavalier 2.4 CoupeCavalier AutomaticCavalier CabrioletCavalier ConvertibleCavalier Convertible AutomaticCavalier CoupeCavalier Coupe AutomaticCavalier LSCavalier LS ConvertibleCavalier LS CoupeCavalier LS SedanCavalier LS Sport CoupeCavalier LS Sport SedanCavalier RS CoupeCavalier SedanCavalier Sedan AutomaticCavalier Tommy JeansCavalier Z 24Cavalier Z 24 CoupeCelebrityCelebrity 2.8Celebrity EurosportCelta SpiderChevelleChevelle CoupeChevelle HardtopChevelle Malibu ConvertibleChevelle Malibu SSChevelle SedanChevelle SSChevetteCheyenneCitationCitation 2.8Citation IICobaltCobalt AutomaticCobalt CoupeCobalt Coupe AutomaticCobalt Coupe LSCobalt LSCobalt LS CoupeCobalt LS SedanCobalt LT CoupeCobalt LT SedanCobalt LT1Cobalt LT1 CoupeCobalt LT2Cobalt LT2 CoupeCobalt LTZ SedanCobalt SedanCobalt Sport CoupeCobalt SS SedanCobalt SS Supercharged CoupeCobalt SS TurbochargedCobalt SS Turbocharged CoupeColoradoColorado Crew Cab 4WDColorado Crew Cab 4WD LT1Colorado Crew Cab LSColorado Extended CabColorado Extended Cab 4WDColorado Extended Cab 4WD LSColorado Extended Cab 4WD Work TruckColorado Extended Cab LSColorado Extended Cab Work TruckColorado Regular CabColorado Regular Cab 4WDColorado Regular Cab 4WD LSColorado Regular Cab 4WD Work TruckColorado Regular Cab LSColorado Regular Cab Work TruckComodoroComodoro 4.1CorsicaCorsica 2.2Corsica 2.8Corsica 3.1Corsica LTCorvairCorvair 2.4Corvair 2.4 MonzaCorvair 2.7Corvair 2400CorvetteCorvette 283Corvette 327Corvette 415 ZR1Corvette 427 L68Corvette 5.4Corvette 5.4 C1Corvette 5.4 C2Corvette 5.7Corvette 5.7 C3Corvette 6.5 C2Corvette 7.0 C3Corvette AutomaticCorvette C1Corvette C12Corvette C16Corvette C2Corvette C3Corvette C4Corvette C5Corvette C5 CabrioletCorvette C5 Pace CarCorvette C5 RCorvette C5 Twin TurboCorvette C6Corvette C6 CabrioletCorvette C6RSCorvette CabrioletCorvette Cerv IIICorvette ConvertibleCorvette CoupeCorvette Coupe 6.2Corvette G 572Corvette Grand SportCorvette Grand Sport 90Corvette LT1Corvette SledgehammerCorvette StingrayCorvette Stingray 327Corvette Stingray 350Corvette Street AttackCorvette TempestCorvette Z06Corvette Z06 CabrioletCorvette Z06 CoupeCorvette Z06 Ron Fellows EditionCorvette Z51Corvette ZR1Corvette ZR-1CruzeCruze WTCCDeLuxeDeVille V8El CaminoEl Camino Sport CoupeEpica 2.0Epica 2.0DEpica 2.5EquinoxEquinox 3.4Equinox AWDEquinox LSEquinox LS AWDEquinox LTEquinox LT AWDEquinox LT1Equinox LT1 AWDEquinox LT2Equinox LT2 4WDEquinox LT2 AWDEquinox LTZEquinox LTZ AWDEquinox SportEquinox Sport AWDEvanda 2.0 SXEvanda 2.0 SX GasExpressExpress 5.0Express 5.7Express 6.5 DExpress 7.4Express Cargo Van 1500Express Cargo Van 1500 AWDExpress Cargo Van 2500Express Cargo Van 2500 ExtendedExpress Cargo Van 3500Express Cargo Van 3500 ExtendedExpress Cargo Van G 1500Express Cargo Van G 2500Express Cargo Van G 2500 ExtendedExpress Cargo Van G 3500Express Cargo Van G 3500 ExtendedExpress Cargo Van G1500Express Cargo Van G1500 AWDExpress Cargo Van G1500 RWDExpress Cargo Van G2500Express Cargo Van G2500 ExtendedExpress Cargo Van G2500 RWDExpress Cargo Van G2500 RWD ExtendedExpress Cargo Van G3500Express Cargo Van G3500 ExtendedExpress Cargo Van G3500 RWDExpress LTExpress Passenger Van 1500Express Passenger Van 1500 AWDExpress Passenger Van 2500Express Passenger Van LS 1500Express Passenger Van LS 2500Express Passenger Van LS 3500Express Passenger Van LS1500Express Passenger Van LS1500 AWDExpress Passenger Van LS3500Express Passenger Van LS3500 ExtendedExpress Passenger Van LT 1500Express Passenger Van LT 1500 Regular Wheelbase AWDExpress Passenger Van LT 2500Express Passenger Van LT 3500Express Passenger Van LT1500Express Passenger Van LT1500 AWDExpress Passenger Van LT3500Express Passenger Van LT3500 ExtendedExpress Work Van G1500 Regular AWDExpress Work Van G2500 Regular WheelbaseGrand BlazerHalf TonHalf-TonHHRHHR 2.2 LSHHR 2.2 LTHHR 2.2 Panel LSHHR 2.2 Panel LTHHR 2.4 LTHHR Fall Limited EditionHHR LSHHR LS PanelHHR LTHHR LT PanelHHR LT2HHR PanelHHR Panel LSHHR Panel LT2HHR Panel SSHHR SSImpalaImpala 2LTImpala 3 LTImpala 4.4Impala 4.4 EstateImpala 5.0Impala 5.0 EstateImpala 5.7Impala 6.6Impala 7.4Impala EstateImpala LSImpala LTImpala LTZImpala SedanImpala SSIntimidatorJourneyK-20Kalos 1.2Kalos 1.2 GasKalos 1.4Kalos 1.4 16VKalos 1.4 GasKodiak C4500Lacetti 1.4 SELacetti 1.4 SE GasLacetti 1.6 SXLacetti 1.6 SX GasLacetti 1.8 CDXLacetti 1.8 CDX GasLuminaLumina 3.1Lumina 3.4Lumina 3.6 LSLumina 3.6 SLumina 3.6 V6 LSLumina 3.6 V6 LS AutomaticLumina 3.6 V6 SLumina 3.8Lumina 3.8 LSLumina 3.8 SLumina 5.7 SSLumina 5.7 SS AutomaticLumina 5.7 UTE SSLumina 5.7 V8 SSLumina 5.7 V8 SS AutomaticLumina 6.0 SSLumina 6.0 SS AutomaticLumina S AutomaticLumina SSLumina SS 5.7Lumina SS 6.0Lumina SS 6.0 AutomaticLumina SS AutomaticLumina UTE 5.7 V8 SSLumina UTE 5.7 V8 SS AutomaticLumina Z34MalibuMalibu 3.1Malibu 3.5Malibu 4.4Malibu 4.4 EstateMalibu 5.0Malibu 5.0 EstateMalibu Classic LTMalibu EstateMalibu HybridMalibu LSMalibu LTMalibu LTZMalibu Maxx LSMalibu Maxx LTMalibu Maxx LTZMalibu Maxx SSMalibu SedanMalibu SSMatiz 0.8 SMatiz 1.0 SMatiz 1.0 SXMetroMetro 1.3Monte CarloMonte Carlo 3.8Monte Carlo 4.3Monte Carlo 5.0Monte Carlo 6.6Monte Carlo 7.4Monte Carlo CoupeMonte Carlo LSMonte Carlo LTMonte Carlo SSMonte Carlo SS SuperchargedMonte Carlo Z34MonzaMonza 3.8NomadNovaNova 4.1Nova 4.3Nova 5.0Nova 5.7Nubira 1.6 SENubira 1.6 SE GasNubira 1.6 SE KombiNubira 1.6 SE Kombi GasNubira 1.8 CDXNubira 1.8 CDX GasNubira 1.8 CDX KombiNubira 1.8 CDX Kombi GasNubira 2.0 CDX Kombi DieselOptra 1.6Optra 1.6 LOptra 1.6 LSOptra 1.8 LTPickupPrizmRelsamo 2.0 GTRezzo 1.6 SERezzo 1.6 SE GasRezzo 2.0 CDXRezzo 2.0 CDX GasS-10S10 4.3SabiaSilveradoSilverado 1500 Crew CabSilverado 1500 Crew Cab 4WDSilverado 1500 Crew Cab 4WD LSSilverado 1500 Crew Cab 4WD LTSilverado 1500 Crew Cab 4WD ShortSilverado 1500 Crew Cab ShortSilverado 1500 Crew Cab Work Truck ShortSilverado 1500 Extended CabSilverado 1500 Extended Cab 4WDSilverado 1500 Extended Cab 4WD LongSilverado 1500 Extended Cab 4WD ShortSilverado 1500 Extended Cab 4WD Work TruckSilverado 1500 Extended Cab LongSilverado 1500 Extended Cab ShortSilverado 1500 HD Crew Cab 4WD LSSilverado 1500 HD Crew Cab TSilverado 1500 Hybrid Crew Cab 4WD HY1Silverado 1500 Hybrid Extended CabSilverado 1500 Regular CabSilverado 1500 Regular Cab 4WDSilverado 1500 Regular Cab LongSilverado 1500 Regular Cab Work TruckSilverado 2500 4WD Extended CabSilverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WDSilverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WD LongSilverado 2500 HD Extended CabSilverado 2500 HD Extended Cab 4WDSilverado 2500 HD Regular Cab Work Truck LongSilverado 2500 Regular CabSilverado 2500HD Crew CabSilverado 2500HD Crew Cab 4WDSilverado 2500HD Extended CabSilverado 2500HD Regular CabSilverado 3500 Crew CabSilverado 3500 Crew Cab 4WDSilverado 3500 Extended Cab 4WDSilverado 3500 HD Crew Cab 4WDSilverado 3500 HD Crew Cab LongSilverado 3500 HD Extended CabSilverado 3500 HD Extended Cab LongSilverado 3500 HD Regular Cab 4WD Work TruckSilverado 3500HD Crew CabSilverado 3500HD Regular CabSilverado 4.8Silverado 5.3Silverado 6.0Silverado 6.6 SSSilverado 8.1 SSSilverado C 2500Silverado Hybrid 1500 Extended Cab LSSilverado Hybrid 1500 Extended Cab LS 4WDSilverado Pace TruckSilverado SSSilverado SS Extended Cab Short BoxSpark 5DR Hatch LSSpark 5DR Hatch LTSpark HatchSpark Hatch LSpark Hatch LSSpark Hatch LTSpark LSSprintSSSS 350SSRSuburbanSuburban 1500Suburban 1500 4WDSuburban 1500 AWDSuburban 2500Suburban 2500 4WDSuburban 2500 4x4Suburban 4.1Suburban 5.3Suburban 5.7Suburban 6.0Suburban 6.5 DSuburban 7.4Suburban 8.1Suburban DieselSuburban LS 1500Suburban LS 1500 4WDSuburban LS 2500Suburban LS 2500 4WDSuburban LT 1500Suburban LT 1500 4WDSuburban LT 2500Suburban LT 2500 4WDSuburban LT2 1500Suburban LTZ 1500Suburban LTZ 1500 4WDTahoeTahoe 4.8Tahoe 4.8 LSTahoe 4WDTahoe 5.3Tahoe 5.3 4WDTahoe 5.3 LSTahoe 5.3 LS 4WDTahoe 5.3 LTTahoe 5.3 LT2Tahoe 5.3 LT2 4WDTahoe 5.3 LTZTahoe 5.7Tahoe 6.0Tahoe 6.0 HybridTahoe 6.0 Hybrid 1HYTahoe 6.0 Hybrid 1HY 4WDTahoe HybridTahoe LSTahoe LTTahoe LT 4WDTahoe LTZTahoe LTZ 4WDTandem 2000TrackerTracker 1.6Tracker 2.0Tracker 2.5 AWDTracker LTTracker ZR 2TrailblazerTrailblazer 4.2 LTTrailBlazer 4WDTrailBlazer EXT LTrailBlazer EXT LSTrailBlazer EXT LS 4WDTrailBlazer EXT LTTrailBlazer EXT LT 4WDTrailBlazer LSTrailBlazer LS 4WDTrailBlazer LTTrailBlazer LT 4WDTrailBlazer LT2TrailBlazer LT2 AWDTrailBlazer LT3 4WDTrailBlazer LTZTrailBlazer SSTrailBlazer SS 4WDTrailBlazer SS1TrailBlazer SS1 4WDTrailBlazer SS3TrailBlazer SS3 AWDTrans SportTrans Sport 3.4Trans Sport 3.4 4WDTraverse AWDTraverse LSTraverse LS AWDTraverse LT2Traverse LT2 AWDTraverse LTZTraverse LTZ 4WDTriaxUplanderUplander 3.5Uplander 3.5 LT AWDUplander Cargo VanUplander Cargo Van FWDUplander LSUplander LS ExtendedUplander LS Extended WheelbaseUplander LS Regular WheelbaseUplander LTUplander LT AWDUplander LT ExtendedVegaVega 2.3VentureVenture AWD Extended LTVenture Extended Cargo Z10Venture PlusVenture Plus ExtendedVivant 1.6 LSVivant 2.0Vivant 2.0 LSVivant 2.0 LTVivant 2.0 LT AutomaticXP 882XP 897 GTXP 898

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