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Your legal guide to motoring
Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52)

1988 Chapter c. 52


  All vehicles and their drivers in the UK have to abide by the law these laws are set out in The Road Traffic Act which covers the use of all vehicles on roads, all aspects of vehicle use are included and are set out in six sections :


Part I

Principal Road Safety Provisions
Driving Principal Road offences

Motor vehicles: drink and drugs
Motor racing and motoring events on public ways
Protective measures: seat belts, helmets, etc.
Stopping on verges, etc., or in dangerous positions, etc
Other restrictions in interests of safety
Cycling offences and cycle racing
Use of motor vehicles away from roads
Directions to traffic and to pedestrians and traffic signs
Promotion of road safety
Part 1 - Road Safety Provisions

Part II

Construction and Use of Vehicles and Equipment
General regulation of construction, use etc.

Tests of vehicles other than goods vehicles to which section 49 applies
Tests of certain classes of goods vehicles
Approval of design, construction, equipment and marking of vehicles
Conditions for grant of excise licence
Testing vehicles on roads
Maintenance and loading of goods vehicles
Miscellaneous provisions about vehicles and vehicle parts
Pedal cycles and horse-drawn vehicles
Part2 - Use of Vehicles and Equipment

Part III

Licensing of Drivers of Vehicles
Requirement to hold licence

Physical fitness
Granting of licences, their form and duration
Disqualification (otherwise than on conviction)

Part 3 - Licensing of Drivers of Vehicles

Part IV

Licensing of Drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles
Requirement for HGV licence

Grant, duration and revocation of licences
Appeals and review of tests
General and supplemental
Part 4 - Heavy Goods Vehicles

Part V

Driving Instruction
Instructors to be registered or licensed

Examinations and tests
General and supplemental
Part 5 - Driving Instruction

Part VI

Third-Party Liabilities

Compulsory insurance or security against third-party risks
Payments for treatment of traffic casualties
Part 6 - Third-Party Liabilities

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